Woman gets mum-shamed for having 4 kids and overpopulating the world

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A mum-of-four has revealed some shocking comments she receives online for having a toddler and triplets.

Meg Korzon said she has had complete strangers say hurtful things to her and even question if her children are related.

She shared some of the comments she gets from trolls in a TikTok video, with one telling her: "Triplets? Wow, so sorry for you!"

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Another asked her if she did any fertility treatments while a second said identical triplets "aren't a thing".

"How are you so small after having triplets?" is also a common question she's got from people judging on her small body frame.

And the worst she's heard is when someone said: "You're the reason the world is overpopulated."

Some even asked her why she didn't go for an abortion when she found out about the triplets.

The mum-of-four wrote in her TikTok: "I will only be accepting 'They’re cute!' and 'You’re a lucky mama!' from here on out."

Meg explained in another video that she and her husband have always wanted to have two kids and two and a half years after having their first child, they tried again.

"But guess what? I got pregnant with spontaneous triplets. I knew for the fact that I wanted another kid, my husband and I financially can make it (triplets) happen," she said.

"It wasn't my plan but I believe in destiny and I believe I'm destined to be all four of these kids' mum.

"Why would I possible kill three babies? I'm absolutely mind-boggled that people would say things like that."

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Luckily there are also many supporters shared positive comments to Meg and were happy that she has four beautiful children.

One told Meg: "That was God's plan and it's a blessing and you're amazing for doing that. Ignore those haters!"


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