Woman fumes as boyfriend said hed save son over family dog in fire

Many of us often think about the ‘what if’s’ of the world.

Pondering the thought of all the things that could have happened if you chose a different job or settled down in a new location.

Hypothetical situations are endless – but this particular speculation has caused a massive stir in a relationship.

After having a chat about the possibility of moving in together, a 23-year-old lad has been left to rethink his entire relationship after his girlfriend of the same age posed a controversial question.

She asked her partner if he would save his three-year-old son or her dog in a fire – and of course he said he would save his child – but now the woman is furious.

So the lad has taken to Reddit to ask for some much needed relationship advice.

The Redditor wrote: “We've been dating for five months. I'm not even sure how the conversation came up, we were just talking about what would happen if we eventually moved in together.

“She asked what would happen in the hypothetical situation of a fire, if I would save my kid or her dog, and I said I would save my kid obviously.”

Shockingly, the girlfriend was left outraged that the lad would save his child over her pet pooch.

They continued: “Now she's mad that I wouldn't try to save both of them and has been giving me the cold shoulder.

“I really don't know how to fix things right now. I mean, I get she loves her dog but I don't know what she expected me to say?”

Stunned at the girlfriend’s confession, many people fled to the comments to urge the lad to dump her immediately.

One person chuckled: “After reading this, I'd want to save my collection of souvenir McDonalds drinking cups before I'd save your girlfriend, to be honest.”

Another user voiced: “This would be a deal breaker for me.

"That's just so bizarre to make up hypothetical situations then punish someone for their response. Is she going to resent your son now? Or does she already? Weird.”

A third person pointed out: “You have had to do a lot of maturing since you became a father (I assume).

"Based on this story, she’s not mature enough for you and she’ll expect you to de-prioritise your son over and over again.”

Someone else advised: “Run away from her as fast as you can. Before you run away, make sure you never leave your son in her care.”

As a fifth person questioned: “Will you trust your son with her now? Knowing that she’ll probably save her dog first.”

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