Woman brands sister idiot as she names baby after iconic Star Wars villain

A woman has labelled her pregnant sister an "idiot" after she shared her baby name idea.

The anonymous female explained that her 19-year-old sister became pregnant unexpectedly with her boyfriend of three months.

She believes her sister is not ready to have a child which shows in a number of ways, including her baby name choice.

The moniker caused a rift between the two after the woman said her sister's child would get bullied.

Her sister announced it on Facebook, sharing a photo of a calligraphy banner with "Anakin Skywalker" followed by their surname.

She assumed it was a joke but when she called her sister confirmed that was the name they had decided on.

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The concerned woman told her sister the child would be bullied for being named a Star Wars character.

Her sister responded: "It's not about Star Wars at all, just really love the name Anakin Skywalker, it has good sonics.

"I'm sure people won’t care if he's called Anakin."

The pair began to argue and the woman called her sister an "idiot" before hanging up.

Her mum later rang and told her off for not being "gentle" with her sibling during a difficult time.

Since the dilemma was shared online, one wrote: "Maybe Anakin by itself MAYBE could have been fine but why the whole name!?"

Another added: "It's a human child that will be living an actual real life as a real person and will have to deal with this.

"If she wants an obviously chosen from Star Wars name then give it to a hamster or a dog, not a baby."

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