White cat with a black mustache looks just like Freddie Mercury

It’s Freddie Purrcury! Rescue cat with a black mustache wins a legion of online fans with her striking resemblance to the late Queen frontman

  • Mostaccioli, a white cat from California, is spitting image of Freddie Mercury
  • One-year-old feline dons a black mustache that is just like the Queen singer’s 
  • Owner Natalie rescued Mostaccioli in 2020 and decided to keep the kitten

A female cat with an adorable ‘mustache’ is capturing hearts on Instagram – with people comparing her to the late Queen star Freddie Mercury.

Introducing Mostaccioli, the distinguished feline who was born with a black mark across her top lip that leaves her with a very impressive ‘tash.

The stray kitten was found by owner Natalie, from California, alongside her three brothers when she was just one day old on 30 August 2020, whimpering and soaked in her mother’s garden.

But since this rough start to life, Mostaccioli has grown and is now a beloved pet, with thousands of fans online who have been quick to catch on to her resemblance with the Queen singer, who died of HIV on November 24, 1991. 

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Mostaccioli’s mustache makes the stray cat stand out. She was rescued by Natalie, a California-based woman who found the kitten with three siblings in her mother’s garden 

Mostaccioli is a one-year-old rescue kitten living in California who was born with a black mustache that makes her look like the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury 

Mostaccioli was found by Natalie with her brothers at just one day old last year. 

The kitten’s mother was a feral Bombay cat who was severely underweight.

Natalie rushed the cats to the kennel where she works and nursed the animals back to health. 

But when it came time to place them in new homes, she couldn’t bear to part with Mostaccioli and decided to adopt the gorgeous pet, who is now almost a year and a half old.

Two of Mostaccioli’s brothers were adopted together into a separate home, and the third one was taken in by an owner who already had a poodle.

However, she does have a step-sister called Izanami and the pair are thick as thieves.

As for Mostaccioli’s brilliant moustache, it wasn’t very noticeable at first but has since grown into a very impressive shape – and social media users love it.

‘Hahaha she just has resting cat face, she’s super sweet,’ the owner replied in response to another user’s comment on a photo where the feline looks particularly unimpressed.

The feline mustache has grown even darker over time, making the resemblance with Mercury even more noticeable 

On top of her striking mustache, Mostaccioli also had piercing green eyes.  People were quick to draw parallel between the kitten and the Queen singer 

‘Cuteness overload,’ added another user.

‘Love the moustache,’ wrote someone else.

Others spotted a resemblance between Mostaccioli and Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, who was well-known for his own excellent ‘tash.

Paw must go on! After a rough start to live, Mostaccioli is now a happy and beloved pet under Natalie’s care 

Some people said the kitten also looked like comedian Groucho Marx, but the majority linked her to Freddie Mercury 

‘If Freddie Mercury was a cat…,’ wrote one person.

‘That’s Freddie Mercury,’ added someone else.

‘Freddie Mercury?? I thought he was dead?,’ [sic] wrote another user.

‘He genuinely looks like Freddie Mercury,” commented a fourth person.

The rescue kitten is playful, left, and pulls amusing faces that have seduced fans online after Natalie made her a profile 

While the kitten can look slightly unimpressed in some pictures, left, Natalie reassured fans that the kitten is actually very sweet  

A rock star in the making? This mustache makes the kitten look like the frontman of the revered British band 

However, some people feel the cat actually looks more like comedian and actor Julius Henry ‘Groucho’ Marx, who also had a bushy brow.

‘Groucho the cat,’ one person commented.

‘Groucho Marx. Adorable kitty,’ added someone else, adding heart and eye heart emojis.

People were quick to compare Mostaccioli to Freddie Mercury, and Groucho Marx. Whoever she looked like, all agreed she was adorable 

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