Voice of the Mirror: Former PMs made mistakes but they’re titans next to Johnson

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and particularly John Major made mistakes in Downing Street but they were titans next to the political pygmy poised to be unveiled today as the Tory Party’s next resident of Downing Street.

Neither in the 2016 referendum nor at the 2017 General Election did Britain vote for the catastrophic cliff-edge no-deal Brexit which buffoon Johnson is now peddling.

He certainly didn’t tell us this was what was going to happen back when he was lying on the side of a bus about millions for the NHS.

The danger to jobs, livelihoods, trade and relationships of no-deal is serious and real.

Yet it is now entirely possible the country will endure economic storms from a disorderly exit simply because Johnson would say anything to win over Tory party members – an electorate smaller than the population of Gateshead, Oldham, Derby or Swansea.

Blair, Brown and Major standing up to be counted shames our other living former PM, David Cameron, who prefers holidaying to calling out his Bullingdon Club chum.

As a Prime Minister, Cameron was catastrophically bad. Problem is, we’re about to be landed with one who might just be even worse.

Strait mates

As it all kicks off with Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, we turn to our closest neighbours and allies: Europe.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s appeal for a Euro-flotilla shows where our best interests rest.

Britain is stronger with the European Union, whatever the Brexit elite pretends.

Loose cannon Donald Trump has turned the US into an unreliable partner.

Our special relationship is with European friends, not him.

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