Vampire fanatic with real fangs spills on gross DMs and biting her boyfriend

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Many people enjoy vampire tales and gothic culture.

However, Jackie Rabbit really showed her passion for all things vampy when she decided to get her own real-life fangs.

The tattoo artist from the US, who admits she's 'always had an infinity with vampires and goth culture' got her fang implants two years ago.

And she's never looked back – as she admits she loves her look.

Jackie, who lives in New Hampshire, decided to get her fang veneers back in 2019 while having a full mouth construction.

She said she had grown up poor and also had an eating disorder in her twenties that had left her teeth "destroyed".

However, while fixing them, she got the idea about the fangs along the way.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: "It kind of started as a joke, then I just did it.

"About two years ago, I had a full mouth reconstruction, which included several implants, veneers and a bridge.

"It was quite a bit of work at my teeth weren't very pretty.

"So I thought that while getting all of that work done, I'd see if the dentist would do fangs too.

Jackie said her dentist "seemed interested" in the project, so they decided to go ahead.

In fact, she said a "whole team" worked on the fangs to make sure they functioned properly.

Asked if she's had any problems with them, including eating, Jackie exclaimed: "Not at all, the dentist did an amazing job engineering them.

"It was a new challenge for the team to work on them."

However, she had accidentally had a nibble of her partner a few of times.

"I've accidentally bitten my partner couple of times," she confessed.

"He doesn't like that as it hurts quite bad.

"I forget how sharp they are."

Despite this, Jackie says that her partner is still a fan of the fangs.

"He's into tattoos and body modification, so he encourages me," she says.

"He likes seeing that kind of aesthetic on me, so I think he gets a kick out of it."

Asked if she thinks he would join her in getting fangs, she laughs, telling us: "I don't think he would, he's a professor, so he has to keep his look relatively conservative."

When it comes to expense, Jackie said she's not quite sure how much the fangs themselves cost as she was just given a price for her whole mouth construction – which was a cool $30,000 (£22,000).

However, the fangs are made of gold so they have "structural integrity" – which means they would cost more than normal veneers.

Despite the high price for her mouth reconstruction, Jackie admits it was worth it as she totally loves her new look.

But how do other people react?

"Most people don't mention it at all, despite them being fairly noticeable," Jackie comments.

However, she does admit she thinks some people are being "polite" as they "don't know what to say".

She has had some awkward instances too, including delivery men who practically ran away from her house once they saw her fangs after a late-night drop off.

Kids often notice them too, according to Jackie, however most of them ask how they can "get vampire teeth too" she says.

"I tell them to eat lots of vegetables," Jackie jokes.

Some people aren't as polite online too, with the brunette admitting she's had some "gross" DMs on Instagram, where she has more than 11,000 followers.

"I've had people say 'I want you to tear my throat out' and things," she admits.

"That's weird."

Asked how she deals with those kind of messages, she says: "It depends how off-putting it is, if it's really bad then I ignore them or tell them they're gross and block them."

With Halloween coming up, we asked Jackie her plans.

"The inside of my house is decorated for Halloween all year round, it's our aesthetic in general," she admits.

However, she does say she "loves Halloween" and will be giving out candy to the kids on her street.

Asked what she dresses as, she admits: "Usually I'm a vampire for Halloween."

We would have been disappointed if she'd said anything else to be honest.

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