Ukrainian Girl Heartbreakingly Sings 'Let It Go' in Bomb Shelter, Idina Menzel Reacts

"Our children radiate light, and even in a damp dark basement it does not fade, but flares up even brighter!"

This little Ukrainian girl has become a beacon of hope… from inside a bomb shelter.

After going viral for a heart wrenching performance of the “Frozen” hit “Let It Go” while hiding underground in Kyiv, Disney star Idina Menzel and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper have praised the child for being a “grace to light the darkness.”

Menzel took to Twitter to share the viral video. “We see you,” she wrote. “We really really see you.”

“A little girl in a shelter singing ‘Let It Go’ from ‘Frozen’ in Ukrainian,” Cooper reacted sincerely. “It’s hard to say anything after that except thank you Amelia. Thank you for that grace.”

Marta Smekhova originally posted the clip to Facebook after a little girl named Amelia told her that she dreamed of singing on a grand stage.

“She told me that she loves to sing,” Smekhova captioned the video shared on March 3 and shared that she had encouraged her to sing with the permission of her mother. “From her first word in the bomb shelter, there was complete silence. … Everyone put down what they were doing and listened to the song.”

Marta then began to address the Russian people in her post, “Look, Russians, against whom you are fighting. Our children radiate light, and even in a damp dark basement it does not fade, but flares up even brighter!”

“Let It Go” won an Oscar for best original song in 2014 and was voiced by Menzel.

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On Thursday February 24, Russian tanks rolled into the country’s capital of Kyiv and armed forces slowly started to make their way into the city as Russian President Vladmir Putin had declared war on the neighboring country.

Since the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, companies like Disney, WarnerMedia, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and DirecTV have stopped distributing content to Russia, and Facebook and Twitter have vowed to block content from state-owned media. Mastercard and Visa have also blocked financial institutions.

Several global companies have either pulled out of the country or stopped exporting there, including energy giants, BP and Shell, Exxon; transport manufacturers like Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, Boeing, and Airbus; and retail behemoths such as IKEA and H&M.

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