'Ugly ducklings' share how much they've changed throughout the years

Talk about a transformation! Self-confessed ‘ugly ducklings’ are almost unrecognisable in incredible before-and-after pictures

  • People from all over the world have shared pictures of their glow ups 
  • Some said their change in looks were due to puberty, others credited weight loss
  • They were proud to share how much happier and more confident they looked 

Growing up when you’re a self-confessed ‘ugly duckling’ is not easy, but these people who blossomed over time and were eager to share the results online. 

From the US to Europe and Africa, these social media are almost unrecognisable in incredible before-and-after pictures.

The best transformation pictures were shared in a gallery collated by Bored Panda and included one woman, from the US, who showed that her glow-up didn’t happen until she was 37, and found confidence in herself after a weight loss. 

Many people who showed how their appearances changed from one decade to another credited puberty for giving their looks a boost.   

Social media users have shared how they went from ‘ugly ducklings’ to ‘attractive’ people. One from the US showed the transformation she went through and the weight she lost between aged 32, left, and 37, right

One man from Los Angeles, revealed he had a hard time in middle school when he was 13, left, but he’s now 30 and more confident, right

This woman shared a picture of her aged between 14 and 16, where she was wearing braces, left, and revealed how different she looked aged 22, right 

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What a different 16 years make! This man from the US shared a picture of him taken when he was 13, left, and compared it to how he looks now, aged 29

Sometimes a few years and a good haircut is all you need. This man shared how he looked at 18, left, compared to how he looked at 25, right 

This woman from Kenya went through an amazing transformation. She is pictured aged 13, left, and 26, right

A woman from Turkey showed how she evolved throughout the years with three pictures. On the left she is 19, in the centre, she is 22, and on the right, 23 

A man believed to be from Australia shared his weight loss journey between the ages of 18, left, and 23, right, where he’d slimmed down and grown a beard 

In just nine years, between 2012 and now, this man from Ohio showed how much he had changed his appearance

A woman believed to be from the UK amazed people with this transformation 11 years in the making, by sharing a picture of her aged 12, left, and  23, right . She now has long honey-coloured hair and a glamorous make-up look 

This woman shared a snap of her aged 13, left, and then a picture of her now aged 26, after losing some weight and frowing her hair longer 

A British woman poked fun at the hair bow she used to wear when she was 14, left, and shared a picture of her aged 22, right, showcasing her grown-up sophisticated style 

This woman, believed to be from the US, said she was cool when she was 12, pictured on the left, but still looked good aged 26, right

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