TK Tweets About Kayla Coming Out In ‘Merry Happy Whatever’ That Are So Sweet

Now that it’s December, it’s officially the coziest time of the year. That means it’s also time for the coziest TV. Last week, Netflix dropped a new holiday season gem that is filled with cozy moments. Netflix’s latest sitcom Merry Happy Whatever follows the Quinn family during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and it’s filled with festive holiday cheer. But, the holiday celebrations aren’t the only reason fans are falling in love with the show. One character, Kayla, comes out in Merry Happy Whatever, and fans’ tweets about that moment show just how much it means to them.

Merry Happy Whatever is filled with funny moments as all four siblings of the Quinn family try to navigate the holidays with their overbearing dad Don (Dennis Quaid). Amidst all the laughter, one of the Quinn kids, Kayla (Ashley Tisdale) realizes that she’s gay and tries to figure out how to come out to her family. Kayla’s journey is filled with both funny moments and heartfelt ones, making it a storyline that’s resonating with lots of fans. A lot of viewers have taken to Twitter to talk about just how much it means to see Kayla’s emotional journey on Merry Happy Whatever.

Fans are especially excited about Tisdale’s performance in the role. A lot of people grew up watching her in Disney’s High School Musical movies, it’s especially exciting to see her tackle this new character.

Not only are fans loving seeing Tisdale play Kayla, but they’re also appreciating the realistic depiction of the experience of coming out. In fact, a bunch of fans have tweeted that the moment when Kayla comes out to her entire family reminds them of their own real-life experiences of coming out.

Merry Happy Whatever is even inspiring fans to follow in Kayla’s footsteps by embracing their own identities. At least one fan came out to their own family because of the positive role model Kayla was to them.

Season 1 of Merry Happy Whatever is on Netflix now.

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