Time to Break Down This Chanel Advent Calendar TikTok Drama

Good morning, TikTok is absolutely roasting Chanel over their 2021 advent calendar. Confused? Lost? Wondering if you, too, should spend all your money on random advent calendars? (You probably shouldn’t.) Allow us to explain.

Basically, Chanel decided to celebrate the holiday season by selling a fancy advent calendar for $825, which seems…high! But then again, it is Chanel, and if you love designer, you already know your way around a beauty ~investment~. Anyway, TikTok user Elise Harmon went ahead and bought the calendar so no one else had to and posted a series of hilarious unboxing videos.

Worth the hype? Probably not but it is pretty

Apparently, the items included in the cal didn’t exactly living up to what people were expecting, based on the price tag.

bless this mess

Elise’s videos got a ton of views, and naturally Chanel started trending on Twitter…

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