Thunderstorm tracker and map: Where are there storms in the UK today?

THUNDERSTORMS are set to batter the UK after days of glorious sunshine.

Brits have been enjoying a mini-heatwave with temperatures reaching 34C on the hottest day of the year, but that is all set to come to an end soon.

Where are there thunderstorms in the UK today?

Thunderstorms are expected tohit the UK from this afternoon (Thursday, June 25).

They are expected to last until Saturday, with a yellow weather warning in place across much of the country.

The storms are expected to form in the South West and South East of England, Wales, western Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Disruption due to flooding, lightning strikes, hail and wind is expected.

Met Office chief meteorologist, Steve Willington, said: "Thunderstorms could break out over Wales and Scotland from late afternoon and then across southwest England and Northern Ireland later in the evening. 

"On Friday thunderstorms could break out more widely across Scotland, England and Wales. 

"Where thunderstorms do occur, they will develop quickly with intense rainfall of 30 to 50 mm in just a few hours with lightning an additional hazard."

How can I track thunderstorms?

A number of weather maps online can help you track the thunderstorm as it sweeps across the UK.

Metcheck provides a live update of the storm as it batters its way through the country, which you can check here.

How do I stay safe in a thunderstorm?

The Met Office says the best thing to do during a thunderstorm is to shelter while the storm i staking place.

If inside, it is also advised that you unplug non-essential electical items too.

Avoid using the landline as telephone wires can conduct electricity, and if outside avoid water, poles and metal objects.

Try and find somewhere low-lying that is a distance from these things.

If you are in an exposed location, the Met Office advises that you squat down on the ground with your hands on your knees and you head in between them.

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