The fudgiest, richest postable brownie boxes to treat yourself or a friend

The best bakeries to buy delicious brownie boxes and postable sweet treats for yourself or a friend.

Foodie trends throughout the pandemic have seen us experience fare from some of the best restaurants across the UK from our living rooms, and this is no exception when it comes to sweet treats, too. 

Brownie boxes and postable cakes, cookies and the like have been gaining popularity over the last year, especially as people search for birthday ideas for loved ones they can’t be with. 

From white chocolate and raspberry brownies to white chocolate madeleines decorated with pressed flowers, these small business, many of which are female-founded, are the place to get your sugar fix or a brilliant way to treat a friend.

  • The Good News Baker

    Easter Brownies

    In 2019, Warsan searched for creative outlets to aid her anxiety and landed on baking as a way to help her heal. She shared her bakes with friends and family, continued to teach herself and experiment and saw a huge improvement in her mental health.

    Over time her following grew and, in May 2020, she decided to make it official. Cue the launch of her brand The Good News Baker, which sells postable brownie boxes stuffed with delights such as Biscoff, cookie dough and salted caramel.

    Warsan means ‘good news’ in Somali, which is reflected in every part of the brand from the positive ethos behind it to the beautiful, bright colours used in the branding.

    Shop letterbox brownies at The Good News Baker, from £14

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  • Bakes By Olivia

    Letterbox brownies: Bakes By Olivia

    Olivia has always had a sweet tooth and a love of being creative. Now, she channels those things into making outrageously pretty cakes and postable treat boxes stuffed with brownies, blondies and giant cookies. 

    On the brownie front, white chocolate and raspberry is a bitter-and-sweet mix that simply needs to be tried. While the chocolate bar brownies are layered with Snickers, Twix, Mars and more. 

    Olivia’s portion sizes are wonderfully generous and the perfect antidote to a mid-week slump.

    Shop brownie boxes at Bakes By Olivia, from £10

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  • Postbox Bakery

    Postbox Bakery

    If you’re looking for variety, Postbox Bakery is a great shout. These guys have an online foodie offering which spans meal kits, brunch boxes and bagel deliveries, as well as postable brownies.

     Postbox Bakery has gluten free and vegan creations with interesting flavour combinations, too. The chocolate orange brownies, for example, mix creamy chocolate and orange oil and are finished with a sprinkling of sugary, candied orange peel pieces. We also love the sound of the hot cross brownies which are made using bourbon and sherry macerated raisins and cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. After all, it doesn’t have to be Easter to enjoy a concoction this delicious, does it?

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  • Dee’s Basement

    Dee’s Basement

    Dee Omole founded her cult confectionary studio back in 2017 and has been wowing customers with her creative bakes ever since. 

    Dee’s Basement has, like many small businesses, pivoted its offering throughout lockdown and now postable boxes are a big part of the brand’s appeal. 

    Dee’s specialty are soft, buttery madeleines, hand-painted with whimsical designs in white chocolate, or pressed with real flowers.

    Shop postable boxes at Dee’s Basement, from £12

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  • Brownie Eyed Boi

    Born out of the first lockdown, Leicester-based Brownie Eyed Boi, is delighting customers with decadent, indulgent bakes that hit a sweet-tooth spot. 

    What started as a local business has now blossomed into a national service as the demand for the gooey brownies continues to grow. 

    While the brownies – there are currently 14 flavours on offer including salted caramel, mint, orange and coconut – the crowning glory lies in the Brownie Eyed Boi’s ‘Brookie’. A cookie dough / brownie hybrid cemented together with a layer of caramel that is impossible to resist. 

    Shop postable boxes at Brownie Eyed Boi, from £18


  • Bad Brownie

    Bad Brownie

    Founders Paz and Morag met while working together at a branding agency and bonded over a love of chocolate – the richer and fudgier the better. 

    Together they created Bad Brownie, a range of incredibly chocolatey brownies and sweet treats which usually would be sold at markets across London but right now are flying across the UK in the post. 

    The giant Ferrero Rocher egg deserves a special shout out, as does the mini egg brownie bar.

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  • Lovegrove Bakery

    Lovegrove Bakery

    Mel Li founded Lovegrove Bakery in lockdown as a way to explore her passion for baking and create something positive out of the pandemic.

    Her treat boxes span freshly baked giant cookies, fudgy brownies and much more, all of which can be delivered across the UK. 

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Images: courtesy of brands

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