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MOST of us will be looking for clever ways to keep cool during this week's sweltering temperatures – and a bunch of bargain gadgets could help.

The country is hotting up as Brits prepare to bask in 34C temperatures later this week.

Friday is likely to be the hottest day of the year, with sun-starved consumers set to pack the nation’s beaches and parks ahead of the weekend. 

But if you're setting off outside, it's a good idea to be armed with the latest tech to cool off quickly – as well as your sun cream, of course.

Especially as the Met Office has issued a level 2 heat-health warning that could be detrimental to those ill-equipped.

From quirky fans to cooling towels, and even the mini-est of mini fridges to keep your beverages cool, you can buy all sorts of nifty gadgets to help combat the high heat.

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And they don't need to break the bank either.

Great products designed for this weather start from as little as £2.

But you will want to be quick, not only because the glorious sunshine might not stick around long, but because products will fly off the shelves as Brits begin to break a sweat.

Before you splash out though, make sure you shop around.

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Use price comparison tools like Google Shopping to find similar products from other retailers and compare prices.

You might find there's an even better offer out there on all the same quirky gadgets that'll keep you and the family from boiling over.

We've narrowed down our top picks. Take a look:

Motorised Handheld Fan

  • Price: £2 each – buy now

A nice breeze is everything you need in the heat, but flapping your wrists is tiresome and can even make you HOTTER.

Ideally, you need something to do the job for you – a handheld fan will do.

You can pick up the pocket-sized gadgets for just £2 at Halfords.

They take two AA batteries to power on, but luckily you get them included in your purchase.

The foam blades mean this fan is kind on fingers too, making it perfect for overheating little-ones.

Cooling Dog Vest

  • Price: £3 – buy now

It's not just you who needs looking out for in the heat, your pooch is sweating his paws off too.

You don't have to worry though, B&M is looking out for Man's Best Friend in the heatwave with £3 cooling dog vests.

B&M says the vests are ideal for wearing on long walks to keep your pet's temperature down.

You simply need to strap them in and get on your way.

The funky fits come in pink and blue too.

Reusable ice cubes

  • Price: £3.25 – buy now

Wilko is giving you an excuse to stay at the party instead of having to run to the store the minute you run out of ice.

Its bargain reusable ice cubes work like a treat.

Wilko explains that the cubes help keep your drinks cooler for longer than normal ice cubes, and what's more, they wont dilute your drinks by melting over time.

All you do is give them a wash after every use and pop them back into the freezer to cool down.

Then they're ready to go straight back into your drink next round.

The £3.25 bag advertised by the high street retailer contains a handful of the plastic alternatives so you can keep all your friends and families drinks nice and cold.

Mobile Phone Fan

  • Was: £3.99 Now: £3.59 Save: 40p – buy now

If your phone is glued to your hand most of the day, why not pair it with a cooling gadget.

This one simply plugs into the charging port and whirs away.

The good news is it requires no batteries – automatically starting as soon as you plug it into your phone.

But you'll have to be careful you don't run your own mobile juice down with it.

In any case, you can save 40p on the purchase right now, as Temptation Gifts has slashed the tiny device down from £3.99 to just £3.49.

Ice Towel

  • Was: £19.99 Now: £10 Save: £9.99 – buy now

An ice towel will cool you down quickly in these temperatures.

This one cools instantly when it gets wet.

So all you'll need is some water, then you'll need to wring it out so it's not dripping all over the place, before shaking for 5-10 seconds.

Then you can apply it to any area of your body that needs a spot of light relief – Amazon says it's perfect for sports or any other outdoor activities that way.

The bit of kit is lightweight and durable as well, so you'll get your money's worth with the buy.

And Amazon's £10 version comes in a useful travel container too.

Wearable Neck Fan

  • Price: £15 – buy now

Most of the time you'll get hot out and about, but you need your hands for day to day activities.

Poundshop's Chillmax wearable neck fan is hands-free and will keep you cool and comfortable on the go.

The powerful dual fans rotate 360 degrees for the perfect cooling angle, and its flexible silicone rubber arms can be easily adjusted to aim all that cooling air right where you want it.

There's also three speed settings and built-in LED lights if you need to attract anymore attention to yourself out in the sunshine.

Air Cooler Cube

  • Price: £25 – buy now

From bargain haven, B&M, the Blaupunkt air cooler cube will keep your home cool and fresh.

It works a bit like a mini air conditioning unit.

Most full sized air conditioning units are very expensive, but a smaller one will do just as good a job for a fraction of the price.

This one provides up to eight hours of cool air, with three speed settings for variable temperature control.

What's more, there's seven optional coloured LED mood lights if you fancy a change up in your space.

Just plug it into the mains and let the stuffing air around you melt away.

Home and Travel Mini Fridge

Price: £35 – buy now

How about the miniest of mini fridges to keep your snacks cool on a warm day?

The gadget is the priciest on our list, at £35, but you'll find it's much cheaper than larger, and bulkier, mini fridges.

The smaller size means this one is perfectly portable too – so you can take it anywhere, meaning cold drinks all round.

But don't be fooled by the size – it will pack a lot in.

The mini, mini-fridge holds a four litre capacity which in "beer talk" translates to six 330ml cans.

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