The 10 Strangest And Most Expensive Implants Of Hip-Hop Artists Ever

Several people have participated in some of the most extreme and expensive forms of body modification and augmentation, leaving a legacy for future generations. Some of the strangest and most expensive things that people have done include having their tongues forked, having their ears molded into elves’ heads, getting their eyes dyed, and having purposeful scars tattooed on their bodies, to name a few. Numerous hip hop artists in particular are known for these body modifications.

Like other well-known genres of music, like pop and rock, hip-hop has a distinct tone and character. It all boils down to the artistry and skill of every one of them currently in the game. Before, hip-hop wasn’t as revered as it is today and that most rappers started poor and have made a fortune via their craft. For them, the best way to demonstrate their accomplishments is with jewelry; they’ve earned the right to do so, even as far as to embed jewelry in certain parts of their bodies. Here are 10 of the strangest and most expensive implants that hip-hop artists ever did

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10 6ix9ine’s Expensive Grillz

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A jeweler named Jimmy Boi created 6ix9ine’s 14-carat white gold Grillz, which were presented to the public in 2018. Two months after purchasing the $5,000 grill, the “Billy” rapper took to social media to flaunt it. As long as 6ix9ine wins his bet with Adrien Boner, he’ll be able to purchase everyone in Brooklyn a rainbow grill for their birthdays.

9 Lil Uzi Vert Forehead Implants

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At the beginning of 2021, the XO Tour Llif3 rapper underwent surgery to get a pink diamond weighing 10 almost 11 carats surgically implanted in his forehead. Vert has been paying for the $24 million stone every year since 2017 which is one of the ways he spends his fortune. It would appear that Vert worried he might forget where he had placed it if it wasn’t on his forehead.

8 Dan Sur Gold Chain Implants On His Hair

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As a rapper, Dan Sur has claimed to be the first person in human history to wear gold chains as his hair. The 23 year old Mexican rapper had hooks surgically placed on his scalp to replace his hair with gold chains which reportedly costs him millions. Sur’s social media following appears to have significantly benefited from his new hairstyle. From 12,000 to over 1.9 million, the rapper’s TikTok and Instagram fan bases have grown exponentially. Although some claim that Lil Uzi Vert’s $24 million natural pink diamond transplantation in his forehead earlier this year inspired Sur, others argue that Lil Uzi Vert is the one who inspired Sur.

7 Post Malone’s Diamond Fang Implants

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American Rapper Post Malone flaunted a $1.6 million diamond fang implant in his latest ghoulish display of wealth. Although the ‘Congratulations’ rapper already had several tattoos on his face, having these expensive dental implants was something new to him. It was revealed that celebrity dentist Thomas Connelly was the one who implanted the fang implants on Post Malone. They are said to be 12 carats in weight and were fashioned by Angel City Jewelers, an upscale Los Angeles jeweler.

6 Sauce Walka’s Diamond Face Implant

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In 2021, Sauce Walka posted a picture of his new quarter-million-dollar diamond on Instagram. Sauce Walka claims the 3.00-carat perfect diamond in 18k rose gold is worth $250,000. He went to Johnny Dang, a well-known Houston jeweler, to get the diamond from the Sharpstown Galleria.

5 Quavo’s Diamond Grill

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Migos member Quavo got a $250,000 diamond grill from renowned jeweler Johnny Dang in 2018. The bespoke piece contains 125 diamonds. He claims that a prominent jeweler, Johnny Dang created the custom-made grill with 125 excellent baguette cut diamonds which took 6 months to make. Each weighing 17.5 carats, the diamonds were set in 18-karat white gold using an invisible diamond setting.

4 Cardi B’s Iconic Chest Piercings

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Cardi B isn’t afraid to show off her unique appearance, whether it’s through her hair, nails, or even a large tattoo on her leg. The costs for this procedure will vary from studio to studio and depending on the materials that will be used that it was reported that she spent thousands of dollars for it. For this reason, in June of 2020, she shared footage of herself getting pierced in both her lip and chest to her 80 million Instagram followers to see. In the case of dermal piercings like Cardi B’s, either needles or skin punches are often used, but either procedure entails establishing an anchor beneath the skin.

3 Lil Pump’s Forehead Diamond

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In 2021, Gucci Gang rapper Lil Pump uploaded a new photo of himself to Instagram, where he can be seen donning a big diamond in the exact center of his forehead. Pump claims that his diamond set him back $28 million.

2 Young Thug’s Diamond Teardrop

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As it turns out, Young Thug had a diamond teardrop on his cheek back in 2016 which costs around $300,000. Elliot Elliante, a well-known celebrity jeweler, said that the rapper wore the diamond on his face for a period. He did not receive a price for his diamond, but since Elliot sold it to him, the value is likely to be high. He is also one of the few who stood by Lil Uzi Vert’s decision while the rest of the internet was mocking him.

1 Renato de Santa’s Demon Smile

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Renato de Santa had horn implants, dyed black eyeballs, and a split tongue down the middle. To get the ‘devil smile,’ this rapper shaved off a large portion of his facial skin, and he maintains that many ladies find it attractive rather than frightening and had spent $10,000 for the procedure. He also has the number 666 cut onto his head, but he recently underwent his most radical body modification yet. After the incident, the rapper from Brazil, had to have skin removed around his mouth and ears.

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