Tattooist slammed for Powerpuff Girls ink that makes them look like crackheads

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    A tattoo artist managed to offend fans of The Powerpuff Girls.

    When a client asked for an inking of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, they probably didn't get what they were expecting.

    Far from being similar to the TV show, which first aired back in 1998, the design didn't appear to be very child-friendly. The characters looked like they had been smoking something!

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    A picture of the botched body art was posted onto Reddit's "s***ty tattoos" forum, where it garnered dozens of upvotes and some rather unfortunate comments.

    One responder joked: "Powder puffer girls. I get it." Another laughed: "Powercrackhead Girls".

    And a third giggled: "Powdersnuff Gurls". It wasn't just the design people took issue with either.

    Another commenter poked fun at the artist's execution, noting that the drawing looks rather shaky.

    They said: "Wobble wobble wobble. Not a clean line in sight." Yikes! Better get that cover-up booked in.

    This isn't the only nostalgic tattoo to make people laugh. Previously, a Tinkerbell inking caused similar uproar.

    Instead of sprinkling fairy dust around and messing about with mermaids, the Peter Pan character was depicted swigging alcohol. She also appeared to have a cigarette in hand, inked arms and a hooped piercing on her wings.

    One commenter joked: "That's not Tinkerbell, that's her sister Stinkerbell. And that's not fairy dust, it's angel dust."

    Another laughed: "She looks like she's on crack." And a third wrote: "Her eye is literally popping out of her head."

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