Tattoo model posts rare pic from 5 years ago to show how much ink changed life

A model shared pictures taken before and after she got the tattoos that changed her life forever.

Amber Luke hated her looks before she decided to go under the needle.

It wasn't until she explored her passion for body art that she became comfortable in her own skin.

So to demonstrate how much she's changed, the 26-year-old posted a rare throwback snap for her 11,400 Instagram followers.

In the first image, fresh-faced Amber has long blonde hair and is completely clear of visible inkings.

The only hint at her interest in body modification is the stud piercing below her left eye.

The influencer, from Brisbane, Australia, contrasted the old photo with what she looks like today.

A striking photo shows her face and chest completely covered in inkings.

She has bright pink hair, blue eyebrows and multiple piercings on display.

Amber captioned the post: "TRANSFORMATION. It's been five years since I said goodbye to the person on the left.

"I left her in the past – for a good reason."

Amber continued: "She wasn't ever comfortable within herself – so she projected her insecurities upon others.

"I'm telling you right now – that's not the way to be.

"I am so content these days with myself and the way I have reinvented the person I used to be.

"Don't ever let anyone tell you no. Be you – uniquely you."

The post garnered 1,500 likes in a matter of days, with many fans leaving Amber their comments of support.

One Instagram user gushed: "Absolute goddess."

Another said: "So proud of you baby."

A third wrote: "You can't run from yourself no matter what you do. Glad you feel better and hope this continues."

And a fourth added: "Both are hot!"

Want to read more about Amber Luke? We've got you covered.

Amber, who first went under the needle as a teenager, has covered 98% of her body in ink over the last decade.

She has more than 600 tattoos – including geometric designs all over her chest, portraits on her thighs and bold eyeball ink.

The influencer also has body modifications like dermal piercings, stretched ears and a split tongue.

Even though she’s altered her looks a lot over the years, it’s unlikely Amber will be stopping any time soon.

She's currently in the process of getting the sleeves on her arms blacked out, which is excruciatingly painful to do.

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