Taking a selfie with the flash on can save your life, according to a doctor

A doctor has explained how taking a selfie with the flash on can "save a life" after a video went viral on social media.

Dr Karan Rajan is an NHS general surgeon who also uses his TikTok and Instagram account to share weird medical facts and bust myths.

In a clip he posted on his @dr.karanr account, he responds to a video that shows a photo of a baby who has a white reflection in one of their pupils.

Another TikToker says it "saved his life" because his mum noticed one pupil was red and the other was white during a birthday photoshoot.

Dr Karan confirms it's true and says: "The red reflex can save someone's life.

"A camera flash makes the eyes look red because it lights up the blood vessels at the back of the eye.

"If you notice one eye missing a red reflex or one eye is an abnormal colour like yellow, white, or black, you should see a doctor.

"There is a chance it could be nothing to worry about but there is always a chance it could be something serious like cancer of the eye or retinoblastoma."

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He added in the comments: "It doesn't always mean something is wrong but it should be a prompt to see a doctor anyway."

The video has been watched more than 180,000 times and many people shared their own incredible survival stories.

One commented: "It saved my cousin's life. She had cancer but now she is healthy and can live a normal life."

A second viewer posted: "My son had this! Luckily it wasn't cancer but his retina was completely detached.

"We found it after noticing a white reflection in his eye in a photo."

A third user shared: "I had retinoblastoma when I was six months old and the picture literally saved my life.

"I have one eye now and a loss of vision in the other."

Someone else warned: "Remember though most digital cameras auto-remove red eye pupils."

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