Should Meghan Markle Be Called ‘Different’ Instead of ‘Difficult’?

If Meghan Markle ever dreamed of being married to a prince, her wish certainly came true. She is living the ultimate fairy tale, one that most people can only dream of. Within the span of a few short years, Markle went from being a typical California girl to being an actress to a princess.

In 2016, she met Prince Harry, and the two fell in love and married in a ceremony that was watched around the world. Suddenly, Markle became one of the most photographed and sought after women in the entire world. From all outward appearances, the Duchess of Sussex seems to be nothing less than perfect. She always looks amazing and has a wonderful, genuinely happy approach to all that she does.

However, shortly after becoming a royal, we learned that the palace staff had given her the somewhat mean nickname: Duchess Difficult. Is this fair, and should Markle be called “different” instead of “difficult”?

Royals must keep up a certain image

For those who are on the outside looking in, being a member of the royal family sounds wonderful. After all, don’t the royals get to live in palaces or castles, get waited on hand and foot, and do whatever they like? Not really! They may live in lavish homes, wear amazing clothes and jewelry, and have personal assistants to help them with day to day activities, but being a royal is anything but easy.

In reality, royal family members are living their lives in front of the entire world. Fans and especially news media criticize everything that they do, and one minor slip up is sure to make headlines. In fact, according to Footwear News, royals such as Kate Middleton and Markle have been photographed suffering from wardrobe malfunctions on more than one occasion. There was the time when Markle was in Tonga, wearing a stunning red dress, only for fans to notice that she left a large tag attached. Or, a few years ago, when Middleton got her heel stuck in a grate during a royal engagement.

The queen has a long list of rules

Queen Elizabeth has high expectations from her family members, and they must remember to adhere to her rules at all times. During dinner parties, everyone must remember to stop eating as soon as the queen does. Harper’s Bazaar reports that when Queen Elizabeth stands, so does everyone else. Also, there is a strict dress code, and there is even a specific way to hold a teacup. The list goes on and on.

Is Meghan Markle difficult?

Markle is a notoriously hard worker. So much so that she wakes up at 5 am and almost immediately begins emailing her staff. According to Daily Mail, Markle, who is a well-known animal rights activist, even banned Prince Harry from the traditional Boxing Day shoot at Sandringham. Also, she has been known to bend the royal rules and protocol from time to time.

Is Meghan Markle simply different?

It would appear that Markle isn’t difficult, just different! The crack of dawn texts and emails prove that she is a dedicated worker, and sticking to her beliefs show just how genuine of a person she is.

As Elle explains, Markle’s staff actually admires her strong work ethic. She is putting a modern twist on royal life by insisting upon doing things her own way, and we have to say that with everything she does, we love her even more. Hopefully, we will soon see that Markle’s nickname has been changed to one we prefer – “Duchess Different.”

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