Satanic model gets devilish tattoo on hands after covering 98% of body in ink

Amber Luke is a self-confessed “goth girl” and “LaVeyan Satanist”.

The inked model, who has covered 98% of herself in body art, identifies with the devil-worshipping movement because it encourages individualism.

This particular branch of Satanism emphasises the importance of 11 rules – including not harming animals and children.

And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t necessarily involve getting involved in gory rituals and sacrifices.

As the 26-year-old is a Satanist with a love for tattoos, it comes as no surprise that many of her inkings are dedicated to the devil.

For one of her latest inkings, the 26-year-old got the word “hell” etched onto her fingers in bold calligraphy.

She’s chuffed with the finished results, telling her 17,200 Instagram followers: “Hell is empty… all the demons live here.”

Amber, who is from Brisbane, Australia, also took the time to thank her tattoo artist.

She said: “Big love to my girl and main for the past six years of my life – the only and only @missbreezeartist.

“Done at Blood Money Tattoo Studio, Southport, GC.”

Her post garnered more than 900 likes – and many gushed over the latest addition to Amber’s body art collection.

Fans branded it “amazing”, “awesome” and “so cool” – and they’re very keen on Amber’s other demonic tattoos too.

The model has more than 600 inkings, which include a horned woman on her body and skulls on her torso.

She also has 666 on her face, which is described as the “number of the beast” in manuscripts of the New Testament.

Other Biblical references to the devil include serpents Amber has on her cheeks and scalp.

And for more obvious links to Satanism, she has a pentagram design and upside down Leviathan cross.

Amber says her tattoos have helped her to feel more comfortable in her own skin.

Previously, she revealed she was diagnosed with depression as a teenager.

She sought medical help for mental illness and started getting inked to become the person she wanted to be.

The model told fans: “I’ve totally transformed myself into someone I’m proud of being.

“I’m a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and who she is.”

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The model recently inked over a scar on her lip, which must have been extremely painful.

She also temporarily tattooed her eyebrows a bright blue shade.

Amber has also shared throwback pictures to show what she looked like before getting inked.

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