Rich kid of Insta shares reality behind pics – from airbrushing to 100s of takes

From the outside, influencers look like they’re living the dream.

They’re often seen clinking glasses of Champagne, partying with friends or snapping glamorous selfies in their plush pads.

But according to Instagram star Jodie Weston, the reality can be a lot different.

The Rich Kids Go Skint star revealed that things aren’t always as picture perfect as they seem to followers.

In the past, the 27-year-old has gone all-out to take flattering photos and then heavily airbrushed them with editing apps.

She’s also gets annoyed if anyone tagged her in a candid picture without warning – but is trying celebrate her natural beauty more often.

Jodie told the Daily Star: “I don’t like to post ‘in the wild’ snaps, by that I mean photos I haven’t posed for that have been captured or published without me even realising.

“Sometimes I get frustrated when I’m tagged in a photo that I don’t think is very flattering and it’s already on the tagged part of my Facebook or Instagram for hours or even days without me realising.”

While this is something the London-based influencer still struggles with, she’s learning to celebrate her “real” side nowadays.

She said: “I use a couple of apps but I have definitely toned down the levels of editing over the years.

“I am naturally quite curvy and I used to use apps to slim me down to the point I didn’t look like a real human being but now I embrace my figure a lot more.”

Jodie added: “I use a make up app called MakeupPlus but only to do a few touch ups on my face allowing my make up to pop.

“I used to go for the full airbrushed look, but now I show off the freckles I have on my face and arms whereas before I wouldn’t have dared leave any part of a photo au natural, but I think acceptance of your body comes with age.”

The Instagrammer, who also works as a DJ, hopes speaking so openly about photo retouching will show others that “perfect” photos aren’t always what they seem.

She explained: “The reality behind a great snap tends to be a combination of a ring light or amazing natural lighting, a trusted friend or mum who helps you get the perfect shot and about 50-100 photos just to get that one which looks Insta-ready.

“It’s very tedious standing still or posing for 50-100 pictures to get one you’re happy with!

“I’ve had loads of times where I’ve thought ‘what a great picture!’ then realised I had a single strand of hair caught on my lipgloss or a few baby hairs sticking up or out of place on my head and been so frustrated because that perfect snap which has taken an hour of prep to get is not so perfect after all!”

Jodie worries about the impact of seeing edited pictures on social media can have on young people.

She doesn’t like the thought of people comparing themselves to models, who she points out have their flaws too.

The Channel 5 star said: “I would say that although there is peer pressure for high school/university aged girls and guys to be on Instagram, I really don’t think we have the life experience or maturity to deal with the negative side of social media until we are at least 20. I know people in their 30s who still can’t handle it.

“I feel like you have to have lived a little to realise even supermodels or Playboy models don’t have airbrushed skin!

“No one has perfect skin, those pictures have all been touched up by a professional, so you don’t really have a hope in hell trying to compete with a picture that has been Photoshopped to a high level!”

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For those who are struggling with their self confidence due to social media, Jodie has some words of wisdom.

She recommends following people who inspire you instead of those who make you feel down about yourself.

The influencer said: “Don’t follow many famous people or those who are famous just for being famous.

“I only follow my friends, fellow DJs, or people I have an online relationship with (such as influencers from other countries that I’ve had conversations with).

“The celebrities I follow are those that inspire me – such as Jhene Aiko who is an American singer but her page is very much about the Buddhist and Earthy lifestyle she leads."

Jodie added: “The only Kardashian I follow is Kim because I respect her as the O.G of her family and queen of Instagram.

“I follow a successful female DJ called Nora En Pure who’s page is about the music she makes, her achievements and what inspires her.

“Then I follow a few travel pages so I can see what beautiful sites the world has to offer and get holiday inspo.

“This allows me to keep away from the things I see on my peers’ Instagram pages, which can get very toxic.”

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