REVEALED: Dogs ABUSED and left to die

There is a plethora of heartbreaking images on Facebook of abused dogs from across the globe.

Dogs every day are being tortured in South Korea because of a belief that tortured dog meat tasted batter than regular dog meat.

A petition to save the dogs said: “Dogs in slaughterhouses are burned, beaten, dismembered, strangled, electrocuted and hanged, mostly while they are still alive.”

I cried like a baby. My heart just fell and broke

Tina Zellmer

Dog meat is popular in South Korea and Asia.

Another story which over 600,000 people have read across the world is about a dog who was abused and left in a bin.

The lifeless dog was given therapy by Newark Animal Control Centre and he emerged from a lifeless, severely emaciated bag of bones into a healthy animal again.

In Portland in America, a chihuahua is recovering after being attacked by a cougar earlier this month.

Owner, Marilyn Rentz said: “I thought she was dead.

“I was crying and talking to her and pretty soon she rolled her eyes over to me. “

In May, a dog was injured and eventually died in a beating by an energy company contractor.

Another viral story is about an abused dog who after being shown love for the first time cried .

When Facebook user Tina Zellmer saw the video, she said: “I cried like a baby. My heart just fell and broke. I wanted to hold him and love him. Good news at the end.”

Some concerning images show emaciated dogs from Spain who have been abused for years and then thrown out of a moving van.

In 2015, a Brazilian bin man was sacked after thawing an injured dog into a rubbish track.

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