Rescue dog with huge ears living best stylish life after rough start

What’s better than a tiny dog with giant ears? A tiny dog with giant ears who also dresses like a human.

In 2020, Cassandra Wildberger, from Virginia, USA, rescued puppy Ollie from terrible conditions and offered him a forever home.

But the Chiweenie (a cross between a chihuahua and a mini-dachshund) quickly became an internet sensation – thanks to his huge, bat-like ears which ‘move every which way’ when he listens and flop when he’s tired. 

Since Cassandra began dressing Ollie in hundreds of outfits, the pup has gained 200,000 social media followers and even gets recognised in real life.

It all started when she posted a picture of Ollie in a Facebook group and it quickly went viral.

‘I knew immediately that others thought he was unique and wanted to see more of him,’ she said. 

‘So, I made his Instagram and started making fun videos.’

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Now, three-year-old Ollie’s big, red sunglasses have become iconic. 

‘Ollie loves wearing clothes and sunglasses; clothes give him comfort since he gets cold so easily since he’s so tiny,’ Cassandra said. 

‘When we’re at events, Ollie now gets recognised for his sunglasses.

‘People still notice him for his ears, but his sunglasses are now his signature look.’

For the most part, Cassandra says, people love that Ollie is able to live his best life.

‘He’s so small, so people think he looks so cute in his different outfits or when he travels in his stroller,’ she said. 

Ollie is a loving dog with a really deep dachshund-sounding bark – and he’s not afraid to use it. 

‘He’s very protective,’ said Cassandra.

‘He’ll bark at strangers walking by the front window, but then he’ll whine at them because he really just wants them to give him attention.’

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