Reddit user accused of ruining Christmas after sharing beans and rice combo

When it comes to food, many people will have their own quirky combinations.

Now one Reddit user has caused quite a bit of a stir when they shared their beans on rice meal.

The anonymous poster revealed how they had no bread to toast so instead substituted it with another carb.

Writing on the online forum, they said: "Didn't realise I had no bread to toast so I used last night's rice."

In the photo, it shows rice with peas mixed with a huge dollop of baked beans.

Since sharing the unusual meal, the post racked up over 2,400 upvotes and 500 comments.

One person commented: "Rice and beans is a magical combination. But baked beans? That's a no from me."

Another added: "It's the tinned baked bean sauce, remove the sauce and it's perfectly normal."

A third social media fan claimed: "You have ruined Christmas."

While a fourth Reddit user shared: "Absolutely filthy, you've mastered the art of triggering an entire sub."

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Others, however, were fairly keen on the idea and it sounded like something they've heard of before.

One Reddit user said: "Beans with rice is the best I don't know what's so wrong about this I love this s***."

Another commentator added: "Oh my God. You GENIUS!

"I already cooked the beans with cheese, I never thought about doing the rice too!"

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