Poshest Greggs ever where royals get sausage rolls leaves Brits in awe

Although loved by many, Greggs is not commonly seen as a posh establishment.

Bargain sausage rolls and other budget pastries have made the bakery a household name in Britain.

Usually enticed in with the sweet and savoury treats displayed in the window, this branch has done things a little differently.

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Apparently, it's the 'poshest' bakery some have 'ever' laid their eyes on with one Brit over on Reddit coming across the grand building.

The white coloured home to sausage rolls looks more like a fancy bank than a financially friendly bite stop. Along with a carved design in the walls and a protruding entrance, this Greggs is more 'boujee' than budget.

It is no surprise that West Brom fans cannot get enough of the store outside The Hawthorns football stadium.

"This is the poshest Gregg's I've ever seen, behold this magnificent pastry stronghold", the original poster swooned.

And many Brits took to the comments to share their verdict, equally in awe at the sight.

One person giggled: "That must be where the royals go for their sausage rolls."

Another user added: "This is the holy grail of places to fortify in a zombie apocalypse!"

While a third remarked: "It’s…… beautiful!"

Someone else declared: "The Pastry Palace."

Meanwhile, a fifth commented: "Damn, I’d have to wear some Primark x Greggs merch to such a fine establishment. Anything less would be insulting."

But the West Brom branch is not the only Greggs that has left people impressed.

From a converted bank in Edinburgh to a Harry Potter 'themed' eatery – it seems that there is something for every sausage roll fan.


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