Pet owners brand Petlog a 'shambles' following database chaos

MILLIONS of pet owners need to create new microchip accounts after a database 'upgrade' caused havoc at Petlog.

The database company has been branded an "absolute disgrace" as furious users logged in to find that their beloved pets have vanished.

The firm, which is used by over 13.8million pet owners, says that all pet details have been "safely migrated" to the new system, but hundreds of people have commented on Facebook that their pets have disappeared.

Customers have been left furious, and some are even reporting difficulties reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Debby said: "Petlog. It IS affecting lost dogs. A Frenchie that luckily got found by good people had his chip details registered to the wrong people thanks to your mess up.

"Fortunately, he was reunited another way BUT ABSOLUTELY NO THANKS TO YOU. SHAME ON YOU for not holding your hands up and getting this sorted urgently."

Meanwhile Chelsea said: "2 dogs found on M6 and couldn't have their microchips details passed on as they apparently wasn't on the system no more. Luckily owners were found by other means.

"This is proof of how dangerous this is Petlog. You need to fix this right now otherwise you better start compensating for thousands of lost dogs and fees."

One owner, Rachel, said none of her current pets were appearing, but that her dog who has died is showing up. She slammed Petlog for the confusing system.

She said: "I have completed the ‘can’t see my pet’ form for all my animals. They have not appeared on my records. However, my dead dog is there!

"This is after I had to have EIGHT attempts at setting up a new account because your code verification system kept timing out the codes despite me using them immediately.

"This is not acceptable. Please can you advise when my animals records will be linked to my account so that I can see them all?"

Others complained at the lack of communication from Petlog, saying they only found out about the need to create new accounts from their vets rather than the company itself.

Laurie said: "Fuming at this website update you should have had [the] decency to let us know!!!!!!!!"

Lisa added: "I have put all of our dogs microchips on your ‘can’t find my pet’ ….not only have you not placed any of them on our page, but you have added 2 extra cocker spaniels that are not ours and neither have we ever owned.

"This is a complete shambles, your company should be very ashamed of itself. Please stop issuing irrelevant platitudes and sort your problem out. When will Petlog return to a normal proper service?"

As well as the issues with pets vanishing from accounts, several users have also reported that their login details are no longer working, meaning they can't get into their accounts in the first place.

Ben said: "Small rescue here and my account has been deleted. Had to start a new one and now no record of any of the animals in care."

Others said they have now been given access to other people's account details. Danielle said: "Our account email has given us someone else's name, address, telephone numbers and pet details. We now have enough information to steal his ID, get a credit card and we know the name of his pet and where to find it.

"And if we've got his info, who have you given mine to?! Whoever is in charge of your data protection protocols needs an absolute b******ing – this is an absolute disgrace."

Petlog told the Sun: "No pet’s details have vanished, they are safely recorded on the Petlog database."

It claims that the problem is caused by people whose details may have changed or that were never checked when their pet was first entered on the databases. In these cases it says it needs to carry out further verification.

It said that customers do not need to re-register pets, but that they must follow steps to create a new online self-serve account.

A spokesperson said that details are securely registered on the microchip database and the 24/7 lost and found line and reunification services are running as usual, whether or not a customer has created an online self-serve account.

What to do if your pet's details are missing

Petlog says that customers whose pets aren’t displaying on their online account should fill in the ‘can’t see my pet’ form.

It says the team will review the details so the online account can be updated and all of the information about their pet can be displayed.

A spokesperson said: “We understand this might be concerning and apologise for any confusion that may have been caused."

If the 'can't see my pet form' isn't working for you, you'll need to call the Petlog helpline, though you might face delays.

The organisation has apologised for the long wait time on call helplines.

The spokesperson said: “We apologise that some customers are facing delays when trying to reach Petlog via telephone whilst we try to resolve admin issues with online accounts.

“Whilst we appreciate this is frustrating for customers who are looking to make sure their online account is displaying all information to them, this is not affecting the primary function of Petlog, which is reuniting lost pets and their owners."

If you are given access to someone else's account information, this is a data breach and you should report it to the Information Commissioner's Office.

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