People realise what shark eggs look like after mistaking them for household item

People are only just finding out that sharks lay eggs – and many mistook them for 'plastic'.

Thanks to social media, many people have learnt that some species of the sharp toothed aquatic animal lay eggs, while other sharks have a live birth.

But what's more shocking, is the appearance of the egg – or more commonly referred to as a 'mermaid's purse'.

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Rebecca, known as California.Shelling, shared the discovery of a washed up shark egg on TikTok.

In the clip that has racked up 15million views, the Californian seashell and sea life enthusiast picked up a brown corkscrew shape object from the sand.

Although it looks like a piece of perfectly moulded plastic, it was actually an egg from a horn shark.

"People were asking me if they were hard because it looks like glass, I know," Rebecca explained while holding the egg.

"But, no. They're actually soft and the case itself is pretty squishy, I don't want to squish it."

She then held the egg up to the light and zoomed in to show the little embryo wiggling around in the casing.

"Usually what the mum will try to do is wedge it into some rocks so that hopefully it stays in place," Rebecca continued.

"I mean obviously it didn't work, it landed here on the shore."

Rebecca then debated whether to leave the egg or to attempt to place it back in the rockpool.

Although she tried to go as far out as possible, the tide was too high so she wedged it in between some rocks.

"Some sharks give birth to live young, and others are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs," she shared in the caption.

"California horn sharks mothers lay these corkscrew egg cases.

"When it comes out, it is very pliable, but hardens over time.

"Hope this lil guy makes it!"

In awe over the shark egg, many people fled to the comments to express their shock and intrigue.

One person commented: "I've honestly never seen a shark egg it's so cool."

Another user added: "Nature is wild. Would’ve never guessed that was an egg."

While a third voiced: "I didn’t believe this was an egg until you showed the embryo omg."

Someone else gasped: "What the heck!

"I would throw that away thinking it was plastic."

Meanwhile, a fifth admitted: "My irresponsible thoughts that it looks similar enough to a Spiral NERF football to chuck back into the water… just me?"

And this user said: "This is blowing my mind.

"I never knew this existed before today!!"

Well, it's true when they say you learn something new everyday!


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