People are only just learning what paprika is made of – and theyre gobsmacked

Many people probably have a pot of paprika in their food cupboards at home.

From adding a punch to a homemade chilli or scattering on top of sweet potato fries – there are lots of tasty uses for the versatile spice.

But it turns out many people didn't know where the sweet or smoky spice actually comes from.

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No matter how many of us may have it stashed in the cupboards, a lot of people are only now starting to learn what it is.

It seems few people have ever wondered where it came from, as most home cooks seemed to think it's a distinct substance in itself.

If you didn't know the handy little spice is actually made up of ground peppers, and the revelation has left people in total shock.

Twitter user @simsimmaaz recently revealed how gobsmacked she was when she made the discovery.

Desperate to share the news, she tweeted: "Learning that paprika is just dried and crushed red bell peppers was really shocking.

"Like I dunno why I thought there was a Paprika tree somewhere."

Others were then quick to share how astonished they were at the discovery.

One person replied: "I didn't think there was a paprika tree, but I for sure thought it was some kind of spice blend or like its own thing that they just powdered."

Meanwhile, another added: "I also thought there was a curry tree and that allspice was a combination of spices."

Paprika can be formed of cayenne peppers, bell peppers, Aleppo peppers or sweet peppers.

It's first left to dry out, and is then ground up using a mortar and pestle or spice grinder.

If you fancy taking a crack at trying to make your own smoked paprika then you'll need to smoke the peppers first.

You can do this by using an oak fire to achieve the smoky flavour before drying them out.


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