People admit the things they say to God when they're alone!

Between them and God! People share the things they pray for – from their boyfriend’s wellbeing to help coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy

  • People have shared the things they ask God for when they’re alone 
  • They took to the secret-sharing app Whisper with their admissions
  • One said she’s hoping God will help her through a pregnancy she doesn’t want

A prayer to God can be deeply personal, but these people have shared their secret conversations. 

People from around the world took to US-based confessions app Whisper to reveal the thoughts, dreams and wishes they focus on when they say a prayer. 

One woman admitted she asks her God to look out for her future husband, while another is asking for help in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. 

Elsewhere, some people said that praying to god was their favourite way to connect with their faith because they didn’t agree with the restrictions of structured worship.   

 Here, FEMAIL lists some of the most revealing thoughts… 

Heartbreaking! This woman from Colorado admits she hates her God for making her not want her child but ask God to help her get through it

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This person in the US admits they thank God for every cute guy, by looking up to the sky and smiling saying ‘Well done sir’

This Islamic woman from Ontario asks her God to forgive the sins of her future husband, and adds that someone out there is currently having their sins erased

Model looks! In Illinois there’s someone who is desperate to become a model and asks God’s help to fulfil the dream

A person in South Dakota left the church because of the rules and anti LGBTQ but they still speak to God every night believing he accepts everyone

This person in New Jersey doesn’t go to church but still talks to God because it makes them feel better to cry and speak to him even if nothing changes

True love! A person in Texas prays for their boyfriend every night and asks God to protect him and help him on his everyday steps

Someone in Texas has been single for too long and asks God to find them a partner to love

This person in Mishawaka, Indiana, feels isolated from their friends and family but believes God will listen

Someone in Idaho says they prefer to pray to God than buy into the structure of the church because they don’t always agree with the rule

This person admits they tried to end their life and asked God to give then a sign. They now feel blessed since that day and is sure he is listening

A student in El Paso, Texas, asked God to help with their final exam and were thankful when they got the test with all the answers already written down

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