PE with Joe on YouTube: How to watch Joe Wicks’ PE Lessons live online

Joe Wicks says he is 'emotional' after lockdown announcement

PE With Joe started up last year when the country went into its first lockdown on Monday, March 23. Joe introduced the active sessions to help people remain motivated and stay healthy while they had to spend more time than usual in their homes. Now, the famous workout videos are being brought back for 2021, once again to promote health and fitness during the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday, January 4, that England would go into its third lockdown.

With the COVID-19 death count still on the rise, the lockdown has been put into place to try and slow down the rate of infection.

As part of this, schools across England are being forced to close again, meaning primary and secondary school pupils are having to go back to home learning.

When this announcement was made though, health and fitness guru Joe Wicks said he would bring back PE With Joe so youngsters could still get their daily dose of exercise.

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Taking to Instagram, Joe said: “I’ve got some great news, I’ve decided I need to come back and be there for children during this time, through this lockdown when schools are closed to keep their exercise up, to keep their activities there, their energy, their mood, their mental health.

“I’m going to be doing PE with Joe live, three days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday starting next week on the 11th.

“Children at home, they’re not being as active.

“Their mental health is going to suffer and we need to be getting our kids moving.”

How to watch Joe Wicks’ PE Lessons live online

PE With Joe will be starting again tomorrow, Monday, January 11, from 9am.

These workout sessions will be streamed live on his YouTube channel The Body Coach TV.

Joe will be having three weekly live fitness videos which are going to be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, all at 9am on his YouTube channel.

The sessions will be around 20 minutes long and are aimed at children so will not require any specialist equipment or loads of space.

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Joe hasn’t said how long PE With Joe will be back for this time but could be for however long the latest lockdown lasts for.

While the live videos are aimed at children, the entire family is encouraged to take part to keep everyone’s mental wellbeing healthy.

Joe added on his Instagram post: “Please please share this with as many families as you can and let your schools know so they can notify the parents ASAP and we can get as many young children taking part.

“This is so important for our children’s emotional and mental health.”

Joe started off his career working as a personal trainer but gave it up so he could start promoting health and fitness online.

Now, he has thousands of followers across the world who tune into his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram for tips.

Joe, also known as The Body Coach, is also behind the healthy cookbook series Lean in 15.

PE With Joe will return on Monday, January 11, at 9am on YouTube.

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