Pampered pooches get ready for the final day of Crufts

Putting their best paw forward! From hair straighteners to blow dries, pampered pooches get ready to look their best for competition on the final day of Crufts

  • Day four of Crufts sees dogs return to Birmingham arena for final day of event
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Pampered pooches have been snapped having their final preparations made for today’s events at Crufts.

Sunday marks the fourth and final day of the dog show, which sees people bring their pets from around the world to compete in agility and obedience competitions.

As the climax of the four-day event, one pooch will be awarded Cruft’s top honour, the Best In Show award.

Throughout the last few days, dogs have been snapped wearing top outfits including printed coats, bright leg warmers, and headwear.

And today’s attendees have been just as smart, donning their cute accessories, and showing off their patience as they sit still during epic grooming sessions.

Crufts, which has been running since 1891, is considered the most prestigious canine competition in the world. Here, FEMAIL takes a look at some of the highlights from Day Four of the competition… 

Day four of Crufts is Utility and Toy breeds. Here, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier is prepped for competition

Meanwhile, this Standard Poodle waits patiently as they have tiny tweaks made to their coat ahead of being judged

Blow dry: this Miniature Schnauzer will soon look as though they just stepped out of a salon, after having their beard blow dried

Despite having a luscious fur coat, this pampered pooch still required a stylish jumper to ward off the bracing wind as she arrived at Crufts today

In the pink: meanwhile, leg warmers were the order of the day for this well-groomed dog, who was snapped trotting to the arena this morning

Windy: despite bravely making their way through the adverse weather conditions, it was clear the powerful breeze was having an effect on these dogs’ dos

Making less of a style statement (but only just), this pooch shows off their coordinating collar and hair accessory while making their way inside

Tiring work: a sleepy Maltese dog rests in their pen amid the action on day 4 of the world-famous event 

Coiffed: this Yorkshire Terrier underwent some serious grooming ahead of competing in today’s event

Preened: it took two people to hold this dog in place, as their long fur was styled using what appeared to be heated straighteners

A dog’s life: this Yorkshire Terrier looked slightly fatigued, as they were tucked underneath a blanket before their competition

Many of the animals showed off their impeccable patience and character as they stood quietly while being primped

For one of the Yorkshire Terriers, preparation included having curlers wrapped in their fur, to create the desired look

It all seemed a little much for this small pooch, who took the opportunity for a bit of shut-eye and a snuggle into their fuzzy blanket

And this one, who also decided to take a load off and enjoy snuggling in their comfortable bed away from the activity

Meanwhile, this adorable pooch showed off plenty of personality, appearing to stick out their tongue while being groomed

Day four, known as utility and toy day, also saw poodles taking to the arena. This standard poodle has waterproof leg warmers put on following their competition 

Gentle giant: this well-coiffed standard poodle showed off their playful side as they stood on their hind legs for a hug

Patient: it takes a lot of work to create this look, and this standard poodle appeared to be patient as the final touches were put to their ‘do

Glam squad: it isn’t easy to maintain this look – as this team shows, with a staggering three-person team prepping this Standard Poodle to compete

They say those who spend a lot of time with their dog start to look like them. That certainly seems to be the case for this Maltese and their human – they share a penchant for pink

This pooch has a range of styling tools and potions – not to mention a professional beauty carry case – for all their grooming accoutrements 

Getting stage ready: for this Pomeranian, getting this fluffy requires some serious brushing at the grooming station

Yawn! Another sleepy pooch stands patiently as they are groomed and made ready for their big appearance – this time a Japanese Akita Inu

Meanwhile a Chinese Crested dog is prepared to take on the competition, with their human ensuring the animal looks their best 

On stage: Yorkshire Terriers lined up to show off their best sides during today’s competition at Crufts

Also taking to the stage today to compete against each other are Maltese dogs, who fall under the category of toy breeds

One of the Pomeranians on show receives a small pat on the back while being judged on day four of the show

Meanwhile, a Standard Poodle shows off their best strut as they take to the arena to be judged against their peers

This Chinese Crested dog puts their best paw forward as they take to the arena during day four of Crufts

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