New pillow designed to stop your arm going dead while spooning

Would you try a COODLE? New $69 couples’ pillow designed to prevent a ‘dead arm’ during spooning

  • A new type of pillow has been designed to help couples who love to spoon 
  • The Coodle Pillow is a curved-shaped item that prevents pressure from the head 
  • It’s also idea for use when sleeping in awkward situations such as when camping 

A new type of pillow has been designed to help couples who love to spoon – and put an end to numbness and pain for good.

The Coodle Pillow is a curved-shaped design, available from Amazon for $69, that sits neatly over the top of the arm meaning its possible to rest the head without fear of it causing discomfort.

‘Inside each pillow is four arched plastic braces. These braces serve to block any pressure from pressing against an arm or leg,’ reads the product description. 

The Coodle Pillow (pictured) puts an end painful feelings of numbness that can occur when the head rests directly on the arm

‘Can be used solo or with a partner. Excellent support for side sleeping, cuddling, reading, watching TV or using electronic devices. Great for camping or road trips.’

There’s even a romantic backstory as to how the Coodle came about with the inventor struck by the idea as his girlfriend lay on his arm. 

The creator of the pillow, a young man with an industrial arts degree, fashioned the first prototype using foam and plastic he’d molded in his oven.

Eventually, he hit on the tunnel-shaped design that served as the basis for the clever invention.

The Coodle holds a three-star rating out of five on Amazon with many saying how good they found the item was at relieving pressure.

‘I bought this pillow a while ago and found that I use it all the time,’ said one.

‘I just keep it on my couch now. Mostly I use it to nap on my stomach with my hand in the tunnel under my head.’

‘I absolutely love this pillow! It’s great for cuddling but also the versatility of using it to prop up my phone or iPad or just as a pillow on its own is great,’ another said. 

While the pillow is perfect for those who love to spoon, it’s also ideal for sleepers who like to rest their heads on their arms (pictured)

Others who’d tried the pillow and also left reviews said they didn’t feel it lived up to their expectations.

‘The foam that is used builds up heat quite quickly and ends up making my arm sweat,’ one said.

‘Also not very thick foam so it feels like a rolled-up yoga mat to sleep on. Definitely, need to improve the design and material quality. 

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