My husband and I get heartbroken when dumped by our girlfriend – its tough

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Getting broken up with is never nice for anyone.

But, having a shoulder to cry on tends to make things a lot easier.

Usually people turn to their best friend or mum to get reassurance that love isn’t actually dead and is not just something in a fairy-tale.

However, for Jess Demarco, when her heart is crumbled she gets to go through the emotions with her husband – as they date the same woman at the same time.

Jess and Stephen Demarco, who live in Florida, US, are polyamorous which essentially means they have an open relationship.

Having been together for 13 years, the couple see themselves as husband and wife but have yet to officially put a ring on it because they don’t want their girlfriend to feel unequal in the relationship.

Despite all the dating and bonking between the three of them, sometimes things do not work out.

And unfortunately, past girlfriends have broken things off with Jess and Stephen.

Now the 30-something pair have exclusively spoken to Daily Star about how it feels for their shared relationship to end – and how they are lucky to have each other when things go sour.

Jess explained: “[Being polyamorous] is just like being in a regular relationship, when you meet someone there is this lust to get close and your heart starts to beat and all that stuff.

“But there is a hope that it turns into a true love where you can sit on the couch on Sunday and look your absolute worst and have them make you a sandwich and a salad or you do the same.

“We hope it turns into love but it’s just like any relationship.”

Despite hoping that the things blossom from lust to love, it doesn’t always turn out the way the pair wanted it too.

Stephen candidly shared: “If we both like the person and we get broken up with it’s like we both get broken up with, it’s not like I’m just happy and she’s [Jess] sad because one person wanted it to work. We are both like ‘damn we both just got broken up with’.

“We are both put through it.

“It’s just like any other relationship for real and we have done it for so long it just seems so normal to us.”

The blonde babe shared she came out as bisexual and wanted to explore what that meant for the pair – so both started dating women.

“So originally since I was bisexual I wanted a girlfriend, we wanted to stay growing together”, Jess expressed.

“We didn’t want to date a lot of different people and have an open relationship, we wanted to have ‘full my needs of already dating a man’ and then feel that need of dating a woman.

“Then find a woman who also likes dating men and would think that it is cool to date me as a woman – and fill both of her needs of having her cake and eating it too.

“We originally only wanted one girlfriend to live in one house – a closed triad is what they call it.”

Although that was their original plan, the pair got the taste for dating others.

"But the more that we date other women and go on dates with beautiful women, she's like ‘omg that girl over there is beautiful too’.

“So who knows where it might go," Stephen expressed.

Jess and Stephen also have an OnlyFans where they film their dates – and some steamy sessions between the sheets.

They previously shared: “There are not many couples that are going out and finding dates or girlfriends or showing that kind of extra [naughty content].

“On OnlyFans we show explicit content with zero guidelines, we show our nightly adventures and all that good stuff – and some of our stuff has ended up on Pornhub.”

Jess and Stephen have claimed to have made £400,000 a year on the raunchy site.

You can follow the pair on TikTok here.

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