My boys are thug-like at home and at school and I have to deal with them alone – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM at the end of my tether. I have two sons and a daughter. The boys hate one another.

There is never a moment’s peace in our home. They have to share a room but otherwise I have to separate them all the time. They are 12 and 13. My daughter is just nine.

Both the boys have had problems at school. I’m 37 and have to deal with this myself, as my husband and I live apart. He sees the children when he can.

The eldest one seems angry with the world just about all the time. He can be aggressive and rude to adults and to his teachers. When he is annoyed about something, he cannot let it go. I also worry that my daughter is being affected by the turmoil – but I don’t know how to keep them happy.

DEIDRE SAYS: Children tend to learn about adult relationships from their own parents’ behaviour – especially the same-sex parent. How was your break-up? Why isn’t their dad making the effort to see the children regularly?

Unless there is some reason why he shouldn’t see more of the children, especially his sons, talk to your husband.

Say he needs to see more of the boys so they feel valued and important to him. It could make so much difference to how they value themselves.

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