Mum who innocently shared pics of kids packed lunches shamed over mistake

When a mum shared a picture of her toddlers’ lunchboxes on Facebook, she probably didn’t expect to be shamed for them.

Rachel, from the US, prepared cheddar cheese and crackers for her two children – a one and three-year-old.

She also popped seaweed sheets into the containers, which are often considered to be healthier snacks.

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But unfortunately, she was criticised by some Facebook users due to the portion size.

One commenter said: “That's a mistake. Is this filling enough for them?”

Another wrote: “My kids would devour this and then ask for something else.”

And a third added: “This is lunch? Or a snack? This wouldn't fill up either of my kids at this age. But at least it's healthy.”

While some weren’t impressed by the lunch, other parents sprang to the mum’s defence.

One said: “This is exactly what my three-year-old would eat.”

And another agreed: “Our kids are alike. My son is obsessed with seaweed. He could eat a 12 pack of them if you don't watch him. Same with whole apples.”

So what is the best packed lunch to prepare for your children?

Previously, dietician Rebecca Gawthorne shared a handy guide with her 160,000 followers.

The 33-year-old, from Australia, recommends filling half the lunchbox with fruit and vegetables.

She also packs another five a day portion into a third compartment, where she made apricot and coconut balls for her little one.

Dairy, in the form of yoghurt in this instance, is also recommended.

Meanwhile, legumes like hummus have been included in the packed lunch too.

And for grains and protein, tuna pasta salad could be a winner for kids lunches.

Rebecca explained that “health through nutrition is essential” for “healthy growth and development”, as well as maximising “learning, energy, and concentration".


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