Mum slams skinny shaming trolls who tell her to eat burger as men like curves

A mum hit out at social media users who inundate her with cruel comments about her size.

Caitlin Fladager has been targeted by trolls who tell her to “eat a burger” as “men like girls with meat on their bones”.

Some even assume she is hooked on drugs or battling an eating disorder, which isn’t the case.

The 27-year-old, from Vancouver, Canada, wishes people would take “skinny shaming” as seriously as they do as calling someone overweight.

In a message to her 344,000 Instagram followers, Caitlin laid out some of the rude remarks she’s received recently.

She said: “After posting this on here as my profile picture, these are just some of the comments I got – ‘Wow, you make bigger people feel bad about themselves’.”

Other hurtful comments include…

  • “Are you eating? How is your relationship with food?”
  • “I’m all for body positivity, but she’s too skinny.”
  • “She’s probably struggling with an eating disorder, or she could be in relapse, or she’s a recovering addict”
  • “Must be nice to be so skinny, I starve myself and I’m not”
  • “Pictures like these show your daughter at a young age she has to be skinny like you. Sad.”
  • “Eat a hamburger”
  • “Men like girls with meat on their bones”
  • “I’d rather be beautiful and healthy than a size 00!”

While some people may not be trying to troll Caitlin, she spoke about how upsetting they can be.

The influencer argued: “Skinny shaming is a major issue that isn’t talked about enough.

“We are always taught now not to comment on anyone’s body, not to ask about if someone has gained weight.

“But when has it become okay to comment on someone being small, and assuming drugs, starving themselves, or being unhealthy is involved?

“Please remember skinny shaming is a thing. And it is hurtful.”

Caitlin added: “Not all skinny people are starving themselves, or are unhealthy.

“For some of us, it’s just our bodies. It’s who we are.

“Stop commenting on people’s weight, bigger or smaller.

“Not your body, not your business.”

The mum’s post garnered more than 13,700 likes – and many agreed with her message.

One supporter said: “People have opinions about things that’s none of their business.”

Another said: “I needed to hear this thank you!

“I’ve always struggled to gain weight especially after having my daughter. Happy to know I’m not the only one going through this.”

And a third added: “Remember it’s never anyone else’s business how you care for your body.”

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