Mum shares zero-waste dishwasher hack with lemon to make kitchenware sparkle

A mum-of-two has shared a money-saving trick to keep the dishes sparkly clean and reduce food waste.

Chantel Mila, who shares home hacks on social media, urged fans in a recent video not to throw away any unwanted lemon before giving it a quick squeeze for the juice.

She explained that the remnants of the tiny fruit could be used as a cleaning agent.

"The next time you finish a lemon, before you throw it out, place it in your dishwasher with your regular dishes," she said in the TikTok video.

"The citric acid cleans limescale and deodorises your dishwasher and makes your dishes sparkle."

Chantel also said to remove the seeds before placing it in the dishwasher so that it does not clog the filter system.

She added: "This is a tip to help minimise kitchen waste, you can also use lemon juice.

"It also works for microwaves, just place them in water and steam."

The clip has attracted more than 46,000 views and many viewers called it a "genius" hack.

One said: "One of my favourite all-time hacks I use!"

Another commented: "This is completely true! My wife left a half in the hand juicer and I didn't see it when I put it in.

"The inside was immaculate white. Insane."

But some were not impressed and warned it could potentially ruin the silverware.

"This doesn't work, I tried it and it messed up my dishwasher," one unhappy fan penned.

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A second said: "No. My dishwasher repair man told me never use anything lemon in the dishwasher. It destroys the rubber and ruins the silverware."

Chantel also showed her fans how to clean the oven using only four ingredients, a formula that worked wonders to remove any grime and limescale.

She mixed the active ingredients to make a thin paste and left it in the oven overnight.

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