Mum horrified to find she’s spent £7.7k on Tesla car after baby got hold of iPad

A mum was left speechless when she found out her baby son ordered a £7,700 upgrade package on their Tesla.

The US-based parent did not know about the expensive purchase until checking her bank statements to discover she had accidentally spent $10,837.50 (£7679.40) on her Model X SUV.

In the viral video posted on TikTok, she said: "When your 10-month-old purchases the full self-driving package through the Tesla app.

"You didn't know until you checked bank statements and you found out this is non-refundable after 48 hours of purchase.

"Why isn't there a password or security measure before you could make this purchase?"

A message of purchase confirmation read: "Your car will upgrade while in park. This may take hours. We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi or a hotspot to upgrade sooner."

At the bottom of the page, it showed the product purchased – full self-driving capability.

The £7,700 package includes auto parking with a single touch, smart navigations to engage turn signals and take exits on its own, auto lane change and traffic sign control.

Her video has divided the internet and some questioned if she "blamed" the baby for the "impulse purchase".

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One said: "Don't blame him, it was you."

A second wrote: "So the baby went through the entire process of putting in name, information, security numbers…I call bulls***."

Others harshly said it would not have happened if the mother spent time with her child.

"Why let a 10-month-old on an iPad?" a viewer said. "Probably wouldn't have happened if you hung out with him."

The mum hit back and explained that she was getting her son's dinner ready while putting him at the table.

She also clarified that the Tesla app has linked up her bank account as a direct debit.

"When you need to take anything to service, they have everything in file so you'll have a bank account hooked up to your Tesla app," the mum said.

On the bright side, she added: " Well our son decided we needed the self driving package we debated on before."

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