Mum had to wear husband’s clothes on babymoon after Ryanair ‘shredded’ case

A pregnant mum had to wear her husband's clothes on their holiday in Majorca after Ryanair shredded her suitcase, she has claimed.

Catherine Urquhart's luggage didn't arrive at Palma Airport on the first day of her getaway with husband Steven.

She had to wear his clothes and a bikini bought from a supermarket for the first three days of the break.

But when Ryanair delivered the suitcase to their accommodation, it was damaged and "Cellotaped together".

Catherine, who is five-months pregnant, told Daily Record : "When they finally did return it to me it looked like it had been through the wars. It was cellotaped together.

"I cried when I saw the state it was in. The zip was torn apart, their had been holes stabbed in it and most of my stuff was ruined.

"It was horrible. It was just one thing after another.

"We were hoping for a nice break away before the baby is born and it could not have gone any further from what we had planned."

The 28-year-old's expensive shoes and make-up were missing, her new maternity clothes were soaking and covered in oil and her GHD straighteners has been snapped in half.

The furious mum-of-two, of Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, added: "I still didn't have anything to wear. My new clothes were ruined. My shoes and make-up weren't there and my hair straighteners were completely broken.

"I managed to salvage a few dresses, but I mostly had to wear Steven's vest tops and I bought myself a bikini from the Spar."

Photos show the suitcase severely damaged and the hair straighteners ruined.

Catherine says she experience has ruined her holiday and left her around £1,000 out of pocket.

She has complained to Ryanair.

"They didn't seem to care and acted like this kind of thing happens all the time," she said.

"After hours of telling me they were searching, they sent us away with a claim form.

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