Mum forgot primary school fancy dress day – so put me in Ann Summers costume

Fancy dress day at primary school has always been a much awaited event for kids – but not so much for the parents.

Trying to pull together a costume for your little one can be a difficult task, even if they just want to go as a princess.

But fear can quickly set in when you forget about the big day, waking up to realise you haven't sorted a costume for your kid.

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For Dionne Williams, she wanted to dress up at primary school but, like many, her mum ‘forgot’ about the non-uniform day.

Fear not though as the mum had a trick up her sleeve – or in the back of her wardrobe.

Now grown up herself, Dionne has shared what her mum dressed her in for the fancy dress day at primary school – and, it wasn't exactly child friendly.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up 208,000 views, glamorous Dionne shared a recent smiley picture of herself and wrote an assumption she had been told.

“I bet you used to dress up like Disney princess when you were younger”, she shared.

Despite the Disney princess part being somewhat correct, Dionne did not dress up in the usual sweet costume.

She explained: “My mam forgetting it’s dress up day and sending me to primary school in an Ann Summers ‘sexy Snow White’ costume.”

Dionne shared a snap of herself as a child in the risqué attire that featured a tutu skirt and a red ribbon on the chest, matched with some blue high heels – and of course a black wig.

“She also fake tanned just my legs (bare in mind I’m a natural ginger so super pale)”, she shared.

Tickled by Dionne’s questionable Disney princess look, many people fled to the comments to applaud the ‘creative’ outfit.

One user giggled: “This had me in stitches.”

Another person added: “Naaa this is brilliant.”

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Along with laughing emojis, a third user fretted: “Nah cuz imagine one of the teachers had the same set and went into shock seeing you walking around the hallway.”

Besides the laughter, others were able to relate to Dionne’s childhood fancy dress ordeal.

One person shared: “THIS HAPPENED TO ME. I had to wear a Dorothy one from the Wizard of Oz.”

A second user confessed: “Don’t lol. My mum once sent me into year 3 in a Playboy bunny outfit."

Someone else admitted: “BYEE my mum did this with me cause I wanted to be Wonder Woman cause I saw the it in her wardrobe.”


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