Mrs Hinch fans share cheap 34p cleaning hack for extractor fan filters

When it comes to cleaning hacks, influencer Mrs Hinch knows a thing or two about this topic.

Now in recent years we've seen a lot of Facebook groups created in honour of the cleaning guru.

Recently, one Mrs Hinch fan asked how to clean her oven's extractor fan filters in a group dedicated to the mum-of-two.

She wrote: "Good morning. Can any of you lovely people help me with the best way to clean these?

"Not a great picture, it's the filters of the extractor fan."

Since she shared the post it was flooded with almost 1,000 comments from Mrs Hinch fans.

One of the most popular and affordable tricks was to use soapy water for the filters.

A user replied: "I have the same ones. I soak in hot water and Fairy liquid in the sink and use a bottle brush to gently clean them."

Another suggested: "Hot soapy water, Fairy liquid. Did mine last week and they came up like new."

A third added: "I used to soak them in hot soapy water in the bath for a good two hours."

They continued: "Agitate the water every now and then, then rinse with the shower.

"If they where really caked I would do this then take them over to mums and stick them in her dishwasher."

Others had similar responses which is to use water with Fairy liquid.

A bottle of the stuff can be purchased for as little as 34p from Morrisons, Asda and other supermarket giants.

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Meanwhile, some Mrs Hinch fans suggested using other products like Elbow Grease, Astonish and a dishwasher.

One said: "I use Elbow Grease spray. Works wonders."

And another added: "I cover with neat dish soap then use my hand held steamer. Rinse and repeat until clean, no scrubbing required."

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