Mrs Hinch fans share 80p cleaning hack from removing smells in washing machines

The aim of having a washing machine is for it to clean and make our clothes smell nice.

But what happens when the appliance itself gives off an awful stench?

Often a machine could start to smell bad when we haven't cleaned it properly.

Now one woman, who is a Mrs Hinch fan, asked others how to remove unpleasant smells from their washing machines.

The Facebook user wrote: "How do you get the damp, musty smell out of a washing machine?"

Her post was inundated with comments from fans who had many cleaning hacks for her.

The most popular response was to use soda crystals.

One user wrote: "Boil and wash with soda crystals and vinegar. Also make sure drawer is clean and no black mould on rubber seal."

Another agreed, as they added: "I did this with mine and added a few drops of Zoflora. Worked a treat!"

A third commented: "Half a bag of soda crystals on a hot wash but no white vinegar it rots the rubber as told by an engineer."

While a fourth suggested: "Soda crystals," as a fifth claimed: "White vinegar will rot the rubber over time."

Soda crystals won't break the bank either as they're quite cheap to buy.

You can pick up Dr Pak Fine Soda Crystals for 80p from Sainsbury's or Wilko's Original Soda Crystals can set you back £1.50.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested leaving washing machine doors open and using powder instead of pods.

A Facebook user commented: "Always leave the door open once you have finished a wash."

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