Mortified wedding guest cuts first slice of cake thinking it was normal dessert

A woman has apologised to her friend for cutting her wedding cake after mistaking it as normal dessert.

Hailey, from the US, posted a video on TikTok on the embarrassing blunder at her friend Marie's wedding last week.

"Me, a guest at my friend's wedding! Ignoring the brownie table and confidentially cutting myself a slice of her wedding cake thinking 'Uh-oh! They forgot to serve it to everyone else!'" she said.

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"My apoloigies to the bride and groom."

Hailey, who wears a red polka dot dress, is seen walking up to a cocktail table where the newlyweds have their wedding cake placed on a dessert table.

Without realising the bride and groom icing figures on top, she picks up a knife and unapologetically cuts a slice out of it.

She even does a cheeky move to lick the cake off her finger as she dances to the music.

"I know better now, I hate myself!" Hailey added.

Her video has quickly raked in 5.8million views, including her friend Marie.

Marie commented: "As the bride whose cake this is – she is formally forgiven and has learned her lesson in wedding etiquette."

Viewers saw the funny side of the clip and were curious to find out the person behind the camera.

"The way someone was even recording this instead of running up and stopping you haha," one said and another wrote: "This is funny but it really does tell you a lot about the type of person someone is."

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Some said they'd be fuming if they were the bride and said Hailey had "successfully made the wedding about her".

"I saw that the bride commented forgiving you but I still need to go through my own emotional process with this one," a TikToker said.

And one who claimed to be a wedding planner suggested she would have "swooped in so fast" to stop her.


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