Mom sheds 120 pounds after taking up sexy pole dancing hobby

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That’s one way to “strip” away pounds.

A Canadian woman really did dance her butt off after she lost over 100 pounds by twirling around a stripper pole. Her TikTok account, where she detailed her incredible journey, currently has more than 2.6 million likes.

“The more I used the pole, the more energy I had and I got stronger,” explained New Brunswick’s Jessica Wilson of her miraculous transformation, which began two years ago when she first got on the pole, Newsflare reported.

Her sexy new hobby helped her “find joy in moving my body,” she wrote in one clip. “It changed my life!”

Prior to finding pole dancing — an activity favored by everyone from strippers to fitness fanatics to Jennifer Lopez herself — the 26-year-old mom had spent her teens and early 20s trying unsuccessfully to cut weight through dieting. Unfortunately, every time Wilson would shed pounds, she would binge all the foods she’d previously abstained from, causing her to gain it all back, and then some like a caloric tidal wave.

“For 10 years I lost and gained the same 50-70 pounds,” lamented Wilson, who reportedly weighed around 290 at her heaviest in 2019.

Determined to break the vicious cycle, the plucky mother decided to adopt a weight loss program that didn’t involve restricting her food intake. She had spotted a home pole on Amazon, and decided to buy it.

Wilson said her first attempt to circumnavigate the pole went poorly as she “couldn’t even lift myself off the ground,” which caused her to quit her new hobby for three to four weeks.

However, “I was missing the added light pole brought to my life, so I decided to give it another try,” explained Wilson, who began working at it every day until “she could feel the depression lifting.”

The advent of the COVID pandemic that fall was a blessing for the budding pole dancer, as the lockdown gave her oodles of spare time with which to try out new routines, which she often practiced several times a day.

Wilson’s unorthodox pastime eventually began to pay dividends.

“After lockdown and I started seeing friends and family again they began commenting on my weight loss,” she gushed. “I had been noticing some of my clothes getting bigger so I decided to weigh myself and found that I had lost 40 pounds.”

Not only that, but Wilson added a host of new moves to her arsenal, and adopted normal intuitive eating habits rather than the yo-yo-induced diet regimen that she’d adhered to during her “fat” days.

She also found it easier to perform daily tasks such as bending over, walking upstairs and playing with her daughters, the Daily Mail reported. In one video, she even enlists her daughter to take a whirl on her pole.

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Today, Wilson weighs a comfortable 170 pounds, marking around a 120-pound weight loss in just 18 months.

And while she can still feel her body changing and getting stronger, “I think it’s found the size it likes and I’m still happy with it no matter what size it is,” she said, adding that “it allows me to spin on my pole and I’m thankful for that!

“For so many years I desperately wanted to lose weight and couldn’t successfully do that,” said Wilson, who now uses the pole around six times a week for between 20 minutes and an hour a session.

“It wasn’t until I got to the point where I was happy with myself in my larger body that it started to come off almost effortlessly.”

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