Mom accidentally ruined her son's vacation proposal video in Italy

Mom accidentally RUINS son’s Italy vacation proposal video in hilarious viral moment

  • A TikToker revealed the moment her boyfriend’s mom mistaking flipped the camera on herself as she tried to record her son proposing
  • His dad was  also recording and was able to catch the entire moment  

This is the hilarious moment a mom accidentally ruined her son’s engagement video in Italy when she fumbled filming his picturesque proposal. 

TikTok user Jennifer posted a video of her mother-in-law as she attempted to record her son popping the question. 

The beaming couple are seen standing in front of a fountain in Saint Peter’s Square.

As the TikToker’s boyfriend goes to drop to his left knee, the mother flips the camera to her face. 

she was trying her best!!🫶🏽😭 #engagement #proposal

The boyfriend’s mother (pictured) ended up turning the camera on her as her son proposed to his girlfriend 

The moment that the girlfriend just thought her and her boyfriend were recording another ‘outfit of the day’ video (left). Just before his mother accidently turned the camera on her, the boyfriend got on one knee (right)

With the vibrant blue sky in the background and fluffy white clouds, the mom starts to laugh a little. 

The camera gets shaky right before she points it back at her face. It’s at this moment that her body language and face start to change as she realizes what she’s done. 

Her eyes get big and then she takes a ginormous gulp before the video ends. 

It was evident that the mother didn’t mean to flip the camera and ruin her son and future daughter-in-law’s special moment. 

Luckily, it wasn’t the only camera that was rolling as another video revealed that her fiancé’s dad was also recording the proposal. 

In the second video, the girlfriend looked at the camera and thought that her and her boyfriend were recording another one of their ‘outfit of the day’ clips – but he gets on to one knee. 

When she turned toward him she was completely shocked as she opened her mouth in disbelief. 

She then brought both of her hands over her mouth as she watched her boyfriend smile up at her and ask for her hand in marriage. 

Replying to @SmellDeezMugs yes!😭Luckily his dad was recording the whole thing!

Luckily, the boyfriend’s father was also recording the couple’s special moment  as his son proudly proposed to his girlfriend. Completely shocked, the girl opened her mouth in disbelief

Commenters flooded  the TikTok video almost immediately after she posted it 

A lot of commenters felt bad for the poor mother who had no intentions of ruining the moment 

After she shook her head yes, he stood up, and the newly engaged couple embraced each other. 

The clip was posted on Monday night but it is unclear exactly when this took place. 

The video of the man’s mom accidently ruining the engagement has garnered more than 8,000 views and attracted over 1,000 commenters. 

‘That is too funny. Congrats! And tell mama it’s okay,’ one said. 

‘I am WEAAKKKKKKKKK.. poor mom!! I wouldn’t want this level of responsibility either. But you both will always remember this moment,’ another commenter said. 

In a video posted before her fiancé’s mom failed to get the moment, the couple made a montage of them high fiving each other ever day on vacation. 

Some commenters even said they’re own mothers do the same thing when it comes to their phones 

The newly engaged couple ended their ‘outfit of the day’ montage video with them holding hands as the girl showed off her shiny new ring 

It is unclear just exactly how long the couple have been together and how they met 

Some commenters made it clear that the pressure of capturing such a huge moment can be too much for some

As they posed in front of different Italian sites and monuments , the girl just assumed that their moment in front of the fountain was no different- but she was wrong. 

Another comment said: ‘The roller coaster of emotions!’

‘Aww it’s not her fault. My mom always flips the phone on accident during video chats [sic],’ a commenter said. 

One other comment said: ‘aww nahh she looked like she was gonna cry.. tell her it’s okay.’ 

It is unclear just how long these two have been together, but now they’ll always have this wholesome moment to look back at on one of the biggest days of their lives.  

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