McDonalds Russias quirky menu items as outlets close – from wings to McShrimp

This week, McDonald’s announced that it will shut the doors of all 850 outlets in Russia in reaction to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The move is one of the latest international sanctions to be applied to the country, but it is expected to be a temporary measure.

It’s as yet unknown when the restriction will be lifted, but for now Russian citizens are unable to get their hands on a Big Mac.

But, that’s not all they’re missing out on as it turns out the Russian version of the American burger chain features a number of unusual menu items currently not available internationally.

And, if you think 99p for a cheeseburger is cheap then you’ll be shocked to discover that in Russia the same item will set you back just 53 rubles – the equivalent of 30 pence.

Some other interesting, and very low priced, items on the McDonald’s Russia menu include the McFlurry Cherry Pie for 119 rubles (67p) – that’s a mix of ice cream whipped together with natural cherry fruit pieces and chocolate biscuit cubes!

Plus, anyone who loves an apple pie will be surprised to learn you can pick up a cherry or wild berry version at McDonald’s Russia for just 33p each.

And, chicken lovers could pick up an 18 piece McNugget box for 197 rubles (£1.11) or three pieces of McDonalds chicken wings – yes wings! – for 129 rubles (73p).

Russian customers can pick up all of the regular burgers like the Big Mac, Double Big Mac, Hamburger or Big Tasty, but there are a number of unusual burgers on offer too.

The Mont Blanc Burger – which comes in a chicken or beef option– combines a burger patty with a melted, breaded cheese patty that oozes when you bite alongside bacon, onion pieces, salad, spicy sauce and a caramelised bun. All for just 215 rubles (£1.21),

There’s also a three cheese Big Tasty option with “tender Emmental, creamy Gouda and melted Cheddar” at a price of 279 rubles (£1.57).

And, that brings us onto the most expensive – and, arguably, most interesting – Russian McDonald’s menu item.

If you were to walk into the burger chain in Moscow – before the sanctions were imposed – you could pick up some McDonalds shrimp!

A large box of 18 shrimp that’s fried in a crispy batter and served with Thousand Island sauce for 705 rubles (£3.97) or six pieces for 244 rubles (£1.37) – and if you want chips Russians can choose the classic fries style or else Rustic Potatoes that are essentially spiced wedges.

McDonald’s isn’t the only Russian fast food outlet to sell prawns as a dish as Burger King Russia sells an XXL King Bouquet bucket of shrimp for 1199.99 rubles – that’s £6.75.

As for dipping sauces there’s a myriad of unusual options from teriyaki to olive oil, garlic sauce, cheese sauce and even a Caesar dip.

While for drinks you could opt for a Coke or else grab a Maple Pecan Cappuccino or a Spicy Cherry-Currant Punch.

Meanwhile, on the McCafe menu there's a chicken and mushroom quiche for 140 rubles (78p) and a croissant with ham and cheese for 95 rubles (53p).

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It’s important to note that the average Russian income is only around 56, 500 rubles per month which is the equivalent of £315.

So the prices are not as cheap when put into context, but it’s still interesting to see what is on offer at international McDonald’s restaurants.

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