Man stops fancying partner after she gets odd tattoo – as people say dump her

Tattoos can be a tantalising turn on or instant turn off.

But sadly for one guy, his "beautiful" girlfriend's new inking made him lose "all sexual attraction" to her.

Posting on Reddit, the user asked if it is possible to "instantly lose all sexual attraction towards your partner?"

He wrote: "Last month my girlfriend got a big ass dog paw tattoo on her neck. The paw represented her dog that recently passed away.

"A dog we both loved until the bitter end. That being said, whenever I look at her neck my d*ck wants to crawl up my a**hole.

"I f*****g hate that tattoo and I hate that I'm allowing it to become a big deal.

"I know it's superficial as f**k, but I just can't help how I feel. Can anyone relate?"

Hundreds of users rushed to the comments section to confess that they too have instantly lost sexual attraction if a partner got a tattoo they hated.

One wrote: "Yea that can happen, people act like it’s ridiculous but you can’t just ignore the physical attraction."

The original poster commented back opening up on his situation more.

He said: "Physical attraction is what brought us together and our emotional connection is what kept us together.

"I've taken the physical attraction for granted because in my eyes my girlfriend always looked beautiful and nothing could change that. But now I've come to realise that maybe some things can change that."

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They added: "I didn't think it was possible for my girlfriend to look less physically desirable in my view, but here we are.

"I love her so much and it hurts that something as silly as a tattoo is forcing me to tell Reddit how I feel instead of discussing it with my girlfriend. F*** my life."

Users also voiced that new tattoos should be discussed with partners in case of this issue happening.

One said: "It's definitely a legit feeling. People should always discuss tattoos with their partner."

While some urge the bloke to break up with his girlfriend, others shared their stories of how they were turned off by their partners' awful inkings.

One recalled: "My ex got two shark tattoos on his stomach and it totally turned me off.

"They danced every time we did the nasty I couldn't help but laugh at how pathetic it looked."

Another said: "I can totally relate. I had a long term relationship that turned sour and I was desperately trying to salvage it. He went and got a confederate flag tattoo on his arm. I immediately lost all physical attraction to him and cut ties.

"Now, I know that is way more extreme than a paw print, but yes it is completely possible to be permanently turned off by a tattoo," said another."

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