Man lives in skip with own ring doorbell for £50 a month as its only option

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    A man decided to cut the cost of living by moving into a converted skip that costs him just £50 a month to live in.

    Harrison Marshall, 28, has been residing in the eight-yard metal box in Bermondsey, South East London, for the past month as he claims it became his "only option".

    He recently offered people an online tour where he revealed what it's like to live in the rather unusual set-up.

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    In the clip, which was shared on Twitter, he is shown taking a friend on a tour of the property to reveal what it looks like inside.

    The quirky little home cost around £4,000 to construct over a period of three week – and he only pays £50 a month in rent.

    Harrison said the genius design offered him "a loophole to live in central London for next to no money".

    In the short video he also shows how he has to get into the skip, which is covered with a purpose-built, insulated wooden structure.

    He uses a small ladder to enter and leave the little home when he needs to, and the doorway comes complete with a ring video doorbell.

    He filmed the living space, which features art created by his mates and gifts from loved ones.

    In the kitchen area you'll also find space for pots, pans, plates and cutlery.

    In addition you'll also find what the person filming the video calls "the tiniest fridge" they've ever seen in someone's house.

    The bedroom is located in the top part of the "wooden extension", which is lodged between the kitchen ceiling and the roof of the property.

    Harrison explains he also has access to a portable toilet, but will often shower at work or when he hits the gym.

    Even though it's an unusual set-up, he said he loves it because he has "very friendly neighbours".

    He said: "Some people have brought me full on hot meals, home cooked meals. So, so nice."

    Artist Harrison decided to settle in the skip at the beginning of the year, as he was unable to find a reasonably priced property to rent in the city.

    He started looking for a room back in 2022 after he returned to the UK from a trip abroad.

    When he arrived back on UK soil, he couldn't believe the bidding frenzies that were taking place when he was room-hunting.

    "People were getting hundreds of messages for a single room," he said.

    "It was at the point where if you weren't willing to put your deposit down the same day as viewing it, you didn't really stand a chance.

    "And so that's when I started picking up the idea again, about is it actually possible to live in a skip?"

    The artist also noted he wanted to make a statement with the move by drawing attention to the state of the cost of living crisis, which is having a huge impact on millions of families across the UK.

    He added: "No one should have to live in a skip.

    "For me to live in this area, this was the only option for me to do that, which is just mad."

    The Skip House is part of Skip Gallery, which is a public art initiative set up to create space and opportunities for up and coming artists.

    Harrison said he plans to reside in the homemade little shack for around a year.

    Even though he has a place to rest for a while, he said he probably still won't be able to afford his own pad when his time in the skip is up.


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