Lift your laundry game with these to tips from a TikTok homes influencer

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A boutique laundry business owner has shared her top five things everyone should have in their laundry – including her ‘secret sauce’, white vinegar.

Amelia, who has her own TikTok called Amelia’s Home Edit and sports 95,000 followers, posted a video with products she feels makes laundry at home that bit quicker and easier, and are you ready to take notes?

She says she’s done ‘hundreds and hundreds of loads of laundry’ for families and has learned a lot about ‘what works and what doesn’t’.

‘I’ve worked out a really effective and really efficient laundry system for my home laundry after having learned so much running my boutique laundry service here in Queensland,’ the Australian tells viewers.

Here are her top five laundry favourites, including products that’ll really boost wash days.

Ceiling hanging clothes rail

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Amelia says she loves her ceiling rail and uses it as a way to skip the ironing board.

She explains in a video: ‘As soon as the pieces come out of the machine, even out of the dryer, I hang everything up.

‘Not only does it mean that it starts drying right away, but the things that come out of the dryer that get hung up are still hot, which means they need less pressing or ironing.’

Clothes drying ceiling rack

Detergent dispenser

Another firm favourite, she says, is her dispenser from Amazon.

The stylish dispenser – made for water – is connected to her laundry detergent with a pipe, so the not-so-stylish detergent bottle can be hidden from view.

She says: ‘This means I don’t have the clutter of the detergent on my beautiful bench and it’s really good at dosing out a small amount so you don’t get tempted to put in too much detergent.’

Water Dispenser

Clothes rail on wheels

After Amelia has hung her washing on the initial ceiling rail, it gets moved onto a rail on wheels, complete with hangers.

Then, that gets ‘moved all the way around the house to be put away’, she explains.

Premier Housewares Clothes Hanging Rail with Wheels

Laundry hamper on wheels

Amelia’s fourth useful item on the list is a laundry hamper/basket on wheels.

‘All of the laundry that doesn’t get hung up like sheets and towels goes into one and then it gets wheeled around the house,’ she says.

90L Rolling Laundry Basket

White vinegar

The business owner says she couldn’t run her commercial laundry without white vinegar and we love a versatile product.

‘It’s cheap and effective. It’s my secret sauce,’ Amelia says.

‘If you use it with your towels, it will act like a fabric softener. Popping it in with your colours will lighten and brighten them.

‘You can use it with your normal laundry and it will act like a detox stripping away the build up of the detergent you’re using.’

Hexeal white vinegar 5L

Obviously not everyone has their own laundry room (space-squeezed Londoners can relate!) and we realise some of these ideas wouldn’t work so well if there’s no separate space, but hopefully LaundryTok has given you a few helpful hints.

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