Lidl becomes fifth supermarket to ration fresh produce

Lidl has become the latest supermarket to limit the number of fresh fruit and vegetable items on sale per customer. It comes as supermarket shelves across the UK struggle to stay stocked-up due to increased demand and supply issues. Here’s what you need to know about rationing rules in your local store.

Supermarkets are rationing food items including tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers as they grapple with supply problems.

Customers have been limited to purchasing just three loose items in an attempt to keep shelves stocked for longer.

A Lidl spokesperson told “As advised to our customers through signage in our stores last week, adverse weather conditions in Spain and Morocco have recently impacted the availability of certain salad items across the supermarket sector.” 

“Whilst we still have good availability across the majority of our stores, due to a recent increase in demand we have taken the decision to temporarily limit the purchase of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers to three items per person.”

They added that the rationing scheme is simply to ensure that “all customers have access to the products they need”.

Customers will have their shopping checked at the tills to ensure they are not buying more than three of each item.

Shoppers hoping to scan more through the self-service check-outs will also be monitored by staff and the till itself.

Restricted items will appear with a warning at the point of purchase after being scanned.

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