Kyle Richards's Husband Mauricio Apologized to Erika Jayne After Joking About Tom's Accident

“They apologized, we apologized and moved on. It was confusing.”

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards isn’t the only one in her family who gave Erika Jayne an apology after the most recent season aired.

In an interview with E! News, Kyle and husband Mauricio Umansky made it clear they both had to make amends with Erika — after footage of the couple making light about her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s accident and injuries on the series.

The duo, as well as Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK, all got quite a laugh out of Erika’s increasingly wild stories about Tom’s situation during a dinner party. Erika called them out on social media as the episode aired and Kyle apologized during the reunion.

“We did talk about it, it did hurt her feelings,” Kyle told E!, before adding, “And Mauricio also spoke to Erika as well as PK.”

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Mauricio also confirmed, “I apologized, PK and I both apologized to her. And the reality is we weren’t making fun at her, of her, we were just in a conversation that was very funny.”

“They apologized, we apologized and moved on. It was confusing,” Kyle added.

“I understand why when you’re explaining a story like that with the cameras, you do get stressed. I understand she was stressed so that’s why there were missing pieces and it was overwhelming and she was probably analyzing everything she said because she’s married to this lawyer,” she concluded.

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In the September episode, Kyle and Dorit filled in their husbands, Mauricio and PK, on some of Erika’s claims about Tom. Earlier that season, Erika claimed Tom sustained head and ankle injuries after he “drove off a cliff” behind their home. She also said that when the accident happened, she didn’t want doctors to operate on his brain due to his age and the “concern” over him being unconscious beforehand.

“There’s lies all over the place,” Mauricio said at the time. “If a doctor comes to you and says, ‘Your husband’s been hurt, he’s rolled over, he’s been unconscious, we need to operate … who says no!”

PK eventually exclaimed in the scene, “I cannot engage in this conversation. ‘Let’s not do the brain, let’s focus on the ankle!’ He’s not a f—ing soccer player, he’s a lawyer! He’s a 79-year-old lawyer!”

“And the wife goes, ‘Not the brain, do the f—ing ankle!'” he mocked as the four bursted into laughter.

Erika took to Twitter to express her disappointment when the episode aired and retweeted the post and reacted to the scene.

“Felt great watching this,” she wrote, along with a defeated-looking emoji.

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